360° 6DOF Volumetric VR Video Technologies Reviewed 2018

360° 6DOF Volumetric VR Video Technologies Reviewed 2018

HypeVR Tonaci Tran RED rig

We explored the web for 6Dof (volumetric) video technologies and companies. As a virtual production system integrator, OSF bring 6Dof volumetric production technologies to locations, sets and stages worldwide. In this post we take a look at what’s out there in the volumetric video, VR video, and 6dof space.

Lets explore 360° 6DOF VOLUMETRIC VIDEO

We’ll be updating this post as we discover new players in the space, but for now here’s our run down of companies and technologies in volumetric video production.

Download 6Dof Video Players:

Check out Pseudoscience 6DoF Viewer over on Vive.

You’ll need a 6Dof video player to open and play your stereoscopic 360 videos.  6-Degree-of-Freedom (6DoF), or “Volumetric Video”, is an emerging technology for capturing actual 3D spaces in photos and video. Pseudoscience 6DoF Viewer is the only app that allows you to load your own equirectangular 360° photos and videos with depth maps, and recreate them in VR.

With Pseudoscience 6DoF Viewer, you can move around INSIDE your media, or adjust the lighting, scale, position, and much more.

OTOY and Facebook 6DOF Video VR Camera Pipeline and Tools

At F8, OTOY and Facebook launch partnership to produce affordable volumetric and interactive 360-degree video with six-degrees of freedom, creating the “workflow of the future” for virtual and mixed reality.

Otoy & Facbook 6dof pipeline

HypeVR + Intel Volumetric Video Solutions

At CES 2017, Intel announced a partnership with Hype VR to deliver high-fidelity video capture that allows viewers to move around a video scene as if they were there.

Bringing together 6Dof, VR and volumetric video to make this truly amazing VR video experience, watch how the audience wobble around with VR headsets on to consume the experience – I found myself actually watching the audience more than the volumetric video.

“HypeVR is a computer vision technology company  focused on developing ultra-high resolution live action VR capture and playback with six degrees of freedom. HypeVR’s next generation technology stack includes proprietary volumetric VR capture, reconstruction, compression codec, custom graphics engine for playback and volumetric streaming. HypeVR’s current offering includes a full capture, rendering, compression and streaming suite, along with creative production and post production services.”

Apple ARKit Portal – The Future for Volumetric Mobile Streaming Sports with 6DoF Video Capture and Playback – HypeVR Technology

The HypeVR web site is about as much use as a chocolate tea pot, giving nothing away, but these videos do all the talking anyway, maybe thats the idea.

HypeVR, a live action VR technology company, incorporates LiDAR technology to push live action Virtual Reality to the next level. Imagine being able to lean into a scene with full six degrees of freedom within a full 360 degree live action stereoscopic VR scene. This is made possible with a proprietary patent pending method which incorporates a fusion of HypeVR’s “Hyper Stitch” algorithm with the 3d mapping data from multi-channel LiDAR to create a 360 degree ultra high resolution 3d model for six degree live action VR.

8i Capture humans using volumetric video.

First up 8i claims to put human performance in VR, they also make very cool holograms for VFX – they have focused on the volumetric capture of human form and performance.

You stand in the middle of a “volume” (thats what we call the stage in the old sense of VFX motion capture / performance capture) anyway, its basically a big green screen cube with cameras facing inwards.

In this case the volume (green set) is not that big, big enough to take a human. What happens when you introduce sets? Looks like you need to composite the human performance with CG sets in the engine. 8i already has plugins for unity and unreal engine.

Only downside we can see, is you gotta go to them to – be captured in their studio, which is a bit sucky, as we’d love to get this tech on to one of our virtual stages at Pinewood.

Lytro seem obsessed with light.

Instead of using a 360 video solution, the Lytro system uses a more traditional choreographed camera move and shoot method, but it is volumetric as it uses light to determine depth – and you can interface with the depth data.

But reading about the system “Configurable, dense Light Field camera array with professional cinematic video quality” as they say, the company seems to be obsessed with light, and not so much about volume.

Lytro have a full selection of capture solutions in volumetric capture, VFX and cinema / content production. The company has also tried its hand at the consumer market with the Laytro Illium, but it feels like the company which is – obviously very clever – was a bit too clever for the consumer market at the time.

Here at OSF we are trying to figure out how the Lytro system may or may not work in virtual production, but it’s not easy without actually playing with the kit.  So, Lytro if you are listening, we’d love to get you guys down to one of our virtual sets for a proper shoot out and review.


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