Real-time user experiences require low-latency on-premises computing

The worlds first real-time engine verified computer developed for real-time applications

GODBOX developed by On-Set Facilities

On-Set Facilities (OSF) are the developers of GODBOX, the world’s first real-time engine verified computer, and the first computer ever developed especially for real-time virtual production. 

Today, OSF is dedicated to developing the GODBOX computer platform and to supporting GODBOX users and customers around the world. The OSF team are active on Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin and Opensea.

Founded in 2016 to develop computers and pipelines for real-time creators, On-Set Facilities have become the go-to-company for virtual production computing and solutions. 

GODBOX users include DreamWorks, Universal Studios, Netflix and hundreds of independent virtual production studios around the world.

A computer company that makes content, to answer the needs of real-time production, OSF products have an inherent creative user centered design that sits at the heart of our product culture.

With support to our customers provided by OSF Labs in North Wales (UK), OSF run a global network of support engineers and solution partners, servicing customers in over 27 countries.

GODBOX computers and solutions are available direct from OSF with installation and support, and from our official global solution partners, these include the ARRI Systems Group, Unity Technologies and NVIDIA.

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