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On-Set Facilities is the UK technology company that develops GODBOX™ the world’s most powerful cloudnative collaboration and real-time production computing platform. In 2018 OSF took the first GODBOX™ virtual production computer on-set. Designed to provide reliable, scalable, edge, computing power for virtual production; where low-latency and reliability are vital the GODBOX™ was an on-set success.

Today, GODBOX™ powers collaborative, real-time virtual productions and simulation in a growing number of industries. OSF is a global value added reseller and systems integrator for many leading manufacturers and developers, particularly in the real-time collaboration and simulation space. OSF providing total turn-key on-set technology solutions and support to studios, sets and stages, worldwide.

Battle-tested on-set

On-Set Facilities™ is the virtual production technology company that develops integrated and proprietary real-time virtual production solutions and offers virtual production specific technical services and support to studios and productions, worldwide. Read more about our On-Set Support.

Research and Development

OSF work with manufacturers and studios to battle test hardware and software and develop bespoke pipelines for real-time virtual production.

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VP Supervision

OSF provide virtual production supervision and on-set technical direction throughout all of a projects production phases from pre to poost.

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Training and Support

OSF provide virtual production crews with a dedicated virtual production technical resource that can be called on anytime, anywhere in the world.

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Arri Systems Group
Dreamworks Animation
Universal Pictures
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Cardiff University