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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are On-Set Facilities?
On-Set Facilities is best known as the British technology company that develops GODBOX the hybrid real-time cloud computer platform. Manufactured in the UK and Los Angeles, GODBOX™ powers productions around the world in studios, stadiums, and stages.

What’s so special about GODBOX?
GODBOX computers are the only computer to be built to the OSFX on-set specification.

What is OSFX?
OSFX is a lab tested, proprietary, system specification that defines the architecture for building high-throughput, low latency, stable, on-set computers, networks, and systems.

Define OSFX in terms of software?
Both locally and in the cloud, OSFX powered GODBOX servers run thousands of high-performance virtual machines that are used by studios, designers and artists for real-time, live, synchronization, simulation, collaboration and virtual production.

Define OSFX in hardware terms?
OSFX defines the architecture and provides performance and reliability improvements for computers, networks, robots, cameras, lighting, LED panels, VR, volumetric, and 3D tracking devices.

What operating system does OSFX support?
OSFX supports Windows and Linux operating systems.

Does OSFX support any other software?
Yes, OSFX improves the throughput and latency of any software that runs on windows or Linux.

Operating at the edge where reality and virtuality converge, as a leading virtual production technology company, OSF is in the right place at the right time to take full advantage of new opportunities for providing high-performance technologies and solutions for virtual production.

Trusted on-set

Arri Systems Group
Dreamworks Animation
Universal Pictures
NBC Universal
Cardiff University