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Best Virtual Production Solution: LED vs Green Screen

Whats best green screen or LED – We asked Virtual Production Director Asa Bailey who’s spent the last 12 months testing panels and cameras in his North Wales development studio. What’s the best option for producing the highest quality Film and Television content using Virtual Production Technology? Both have their advantages says seasoned Virtual Production…
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Asa Bailey outlines the role of the Virtual Production Supervisor

On-Set Facilities CEO Asa Bailey helms virtual productions both on-set and in the cloud and since the pandemic hit, he’s never been busier. In this post we sit down with Bailey to try and extract more about his work as a Virtual Production Supervisor. The Virtual Production Supervisor Role The Virtual Production Supervisor advises the…
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How to Connect Omniverse Create to Unreal Engine

Setting up Omniverse Unreal Engine Plug-in (Connector) We take a first look at the NVIDIA Omniverse rendering platform and how to connect it to Unreal Engine. To start you’ll need to find and install the Omniverse launcher, Omniverse create and Unreal engine connectors. Theses are located in the “Exchange” tab underneath Apps and Connectors in…
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Remote Virtual Production Crew

In 2020 we fast forwarded our plans to virtualise how we provide on-set support. A year on, we now more than often dial in to our customers studios to provide remote virtual production supervision and remote virtual production support crew. From mo-cap engineers to tuning camera tracking or battling system latency issues, our teams are…
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StageCloud™ XR Stages

Your very own XR Stage

Virtual production technology company On-Set Facilities™ have integrated StageCloud™ the worlds first sub £1m complete LED XR stage solution for filming in-camera VFX using tracked cameras and LED. Aimed as a complete package for companies looking to own their own XR stage to shoot stills and video content the StageCloud™ solution is a complete 7m…
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Installing a Quadro Sync II Card for LED Video Wall Synchronisation

It takes just 10 minutes and a steady hand to install a Quadro Sync II card. With this card installed in your PC you can connect multiple GPU’s to run in-sync and begin synchronising your LED video wall for virtual production. If you have a Virtual Production PC with an NVIDIA Quadro GPU installed, you…
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Unreal Engine 4.26

Virtual Production in Unreal Engine 4.26

With the release of Unreal Engine 4.26 comes a wide range of virtual production specific features from new nDisplay tools to improved cinematic renders. This article will walk you through all the latest features for VP. nDisplay Features To Start Unreal engine 4.26 now has multi-GPU support with Nvidia NVLink. This allows for larger LED…
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Virtual Production Director Asa Bailey Shoots New Global Campaign

During this year of lock-down, OSF Founder and Virtual Production Director Asa Bailey directed a global TV campaign for the GSK brand Voltarol. Using remote virtual production technology, Bailey led his Spanish VP crew in Madrid; with Bailey directing from his own virtual production studio in Wales. This is not a first for Bailey, since…
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On-Set System Tuning for Virtual Production

The ugly cousin of virtual production is system tuning, it’s not virtual production as such, but system tuning is required to make a virtual production system work. On-set, fast, accurate Virtual production system tuning a crucial part of the virtual production work-flow. This post will also help other crew members to understand what the VP…
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Snowdonia OSF

Disney+ Eye’s North Wales Filming Locations

The Disney+ series production set in the world of the Lucasfilm’s fantasy film Willow, is reported to be eyeing up North Wales as it’s primary filming location. The original was shot in Snowdonia National Park. Now we’ve tried to keep North Wales a bit of secret since we opened for business here in 2016, but…
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