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Talking about Virtual Pre-Production at MAKERS Conference

Fix it in Prep How virtual production front loads creative decisions and costs Starting on Wed, 9 Jun 2021, OSF VP Cinematographer Asa Bailey, will join VFX Supervisor Rob Legato and the virtual conference panel, to discuss their pre-production work-flows for virtual production, in an exclusive 2 day event from the team behind makers magazine and FOCUS, the Meeting…
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Keep under 4mm pixel pitch LED for virtual production

What if you’re a couple of guys in a LAB on a Friday and all you have is a 2m x 4m, 4mm (3.9) pixel pitch LED wall that you’ve been loaned by your mates at 80Six, looking at it, what could we get away with shooting on it? That was this weeks OSF Friday…
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Virtual Production Plugins for Unity

These unity plugins are useful for anyone looking to build tier own VP pipelines using the Unity 3D engine as their development platform. The alternative to Unreal Engine, Unity has some very good things going for it. It’s early VP focused build was and has been adopted in many studios and the Unity development community…
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GODBOX High Speed Camera Tracking for shooting on LED

By integrating multiple camera tracking technologies into the GODBOX Tracking Blox, On-Set Facilities have created a highly reliable, flexible, low-latency, camera tracking solution thats very effective shooting real-time, in-camera VFX, on LED stages. Based on a 4K 10bit, HDR processing pipeline the GODBOOX Tracking Blox has the ability to maintain tracking and render images to the…
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GODBOX Ranked Most Powerful Virtual Production Computer

The OSF GODBOX ranked the 18th fastest computer in its class (out of 500,000 benchmarked builds) powering real-time VFX and LED stage virtual productions. The newly released GODBOX Pro MKII is the first OSF computer to ship to studios with the new proprietary OSFX architecture, OSF’s answer to optimised on-set computing with direct to display technology. Power each 4K…
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Monogram Creative Console

Creative Console Plugin for Unreal Engine 4.26

The Creative Console by Monogram is a modular desktop device designed to improve productivity and creative workflows. The Creative Console allows users to work in a variety of applications with ease whether its editing pictures in Photoshop or video in PremierPro, Creative console works with all. And now Monogram has entered virtual production with their…
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LED In-camera VFX

Garena Free Fire – Remote Virtual Production Case Study

OSF are proud to present a new Powered by GODBOX™ project, it’s the new Free Fire game trailer. OSF supplied the virtual production pipeline and on-set technology to build Bangkok’s hottest new VP studio. As ever OSF pushing virtual production to its limits, the OSF VP crews supported the virtual production totally remote, beaming in to the…
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virtual production

Best Virtual Production Solution: LED vs Green Screen

Whats best green screen or LED – We asked Virtual Production Director Asa Bailey who’s spent the last 12 months testing panels and cameras in his North Wales development studio. What’s the best option for producing the highest quality Film and Television content using Virtual Production Technology? Both have their advantages says seasoned Virtual Production…
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The role of the Virtual Production Supervisor

On-Set Facilities CEO and VP Cinematographer Asa Bailey helms virtual productions both on-set and in the cloud working with some of the industries top VP crew and on-set VFX crew, and since the pandemic hit, he’s never been busier. In this post we sit down with Bailey to try and learn more about the role of the Virtual Production Supervisor. The…
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How to Connect Omniverse Create to Unreal Engine

Setting up Omniverse Unreal Engine Plug-in (Connector) We take a first look at the NVIDIA Omniverse rendering platform and how to connect it to Unreal Engine. To start you’ll need to find and install the Omniverse launcher, Omniverse create and Unreal engine connectors. Theses are located in the “Exchange” tab underneath Apps and Connectors in…
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