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On-Set System Tuning for Virtual Production

The ugly cousin of virtual production is system tuning, it’s not virtual production as such, but system tuning is required to make a virtual production system work. On-set, fast, accurate Virtual production system tuning a crucial part of the virtual production work-flow. This post will also help other crew members to understand what the VP…
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Snowdonia OSF

Disney+ Eye’s North Wales Filming Locations

The Disney+ series production set in the world of the Lucasfilm’s fantasy film Willow, is reported to be eyeing up North Wales as it’s primary filming location. The original was shot in Snowdonia National Park. Now we’ve tried to keep North Wales a bit of secret since we opened for business here in 2016, but…
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On-Set Facilities

Virtual Production Tech Pioneers Open LA Showroom

Real-Time VFX and VP tech company OSF, founded by cinematographer Asa Bailey to develop real-time virtual production hardware and software, has opening a first of it’s kind virtual production showroom in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California. Being fitted out with the latest VP tech, the aim of the new space is to assist potential virtual…
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Patric Roos Joins OSF

VFX Supervisor Patric Roos Joins On-Set Facilities

Patric Roos joins On-Set Facilities. OSF welcomes experienced visual effects supervisor and creative director Patric Roos [IMDB]. As OSF continues its expansions in 2020, Patric joins the OSF team as VFX Supervisor effective immediately. Bringing with him more than 20 years of experience in film, Roos comes to OSF after holding roles at some of…
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Arri Camera in Unreal Engine

OSF Supports Arri Camera Control in UE4 with Mo-Sys VP

Our On-Set Support teams have been battle testing the latest version of the Mo-Sys VP Pro UE4 plugin; it now enables virtual production crews to control any on-set ARRI ALEXA Mini, Mini LF, or AMIRA camera directly from inside Unreal Engine. From the VP desk that could be both local or remote, VP crews can now control Arri…
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LED Virtual Production

Virtual Production Tech Company Raises Funding

We are pleased to announce that On-Set Facilities™ has raised funding from Clwstwr an ambitious five-year programme to create new products, services and experiences for screen. Already in use by major studios and productions worldwide the funding will enable On-Set Facilities to develop it’s OSFX on-set operating system and deliver even more powerful and reliable computing on-set. On-Set Facilities…
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Karim Areida and Kamal Patel

Executive Producers Join On-Set Support™ Team

As OSF systems are rolling on-sets around the world, the British technology company has now appointed two Executive Producers to head up it’s Global On-Set Support™ business. On-Set Facilities is expanding their global service division to fulfil a growing demand for OSF virtual production systems and support services on-sets worldwide, following on from the announcement…
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Asa Bailey ASC Magazine

American Cinematographer An Industry Adapts

The other we spoke to American Cinematographer’s Noah Kadner who’s latest ASC Magazine article looks at how the production industry has adapted to keep the cameras rolling in these challenging times. The article shows how productions have been using technology to overcome and adapt. It poses the question, will things ever go back to ‘normal’…
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StormCloud VPN

Universal Pictures and DreamWorks On StormCloud VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network but there is a much more exciting new twist to this 3 letter acronym, now VPN also stands for Virtual Production Network, in this case StormCloud to be exact, which is an Azure Based VPN that both DreamWorks and Universal Pictures have been testing during the COVID pandemic. Now…
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Filming in the cloud

On-Set Facilities Joins SRT Alliance to re-invent film production

On-Set Facilities have joined the SRT Alliance to employ SRT, the open source low latency video transport protocol to power StormCloud the virtual production VPN. Using the StormCloud virtual production VPN production crews and talent all come together on virtual sets that are located in the cloud. By using the SRT protocol StormCloud is able…
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