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Unreal Engine Virtual camera

Vive Virtual SteadyCam in Unreal Engine 4.24

Recently we’ve been testing and developing with the HTC VIVE tracker. The tracker has gone above and beyond our initial expectations, although the tracker is best used in a fully virtual production use case. The HTC Vive trackers are priced at an affordable £110 allowing anyone to pick one up and start developing. Although the…
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Unreal Engine take recorder

Multicam shooting with virtual cameras Unreal Engines Take Recorder

Today we pushed Unreal Engines Take Recorder and Sequencer to archive Multicam shooting in a full virtual production test. The objective of this test was to see just how many cameras could be recorded simultaneously, how this effects frame rate and how best to render out each cameras perspective. (Its important to not this test…
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Go VIVE tracker with UE4 for fully virtual camera rigs

At its core, virtual production is about bringing people together to tell stories, VP tools aid storytellers to capture performances in real-time, including those of the camera crew. Virtual cameras capture human camera moves, recording the camera move to a timeline. Once the performance is captured digitally it can be replayed in virtual space, shared and…
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Asa Bailey VR Avatar

Creating my VR avatar for virtual meetings in Unreal Engine

We took iClone7 for a bit of a test drive this week. We set ourselves the challenge of going from an uninstalled app, to a finished real-time VR avatar in as fast a time as possible and this is what we got. OSF founder Asa Bailey has been recently asked to attend virtual meetings and to…
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Shooting LED in camera VFX

The challenges you’ll face on-set when shooting LED in-camera VFX. We all know UE4 with LED technology is rapidly securing its place on-set, it’s green, its fast, it’s good, but boy it’s expensive, so let’s get ready for more LED on-set and talk about some of the challenges of shooting LED in camera for final…
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Real-Time Depth Perception

Real-Time Depth Perception with Intels New RealSense

On the 11th of December Intel released the first RealSense Lidar Depth Camera (L515), these new cameras are designed to measure depth and provide new tracking methods to the masses with the small price tag of $350 (Preorder is available now, their scheduled to ship in April). Whats Inside? The new RealSense L515 camera is…
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OSF and Ncam Become Partners

Starting with systems testing and training, OSF and Ncam have been working together behind the scenes for some time now. But this week the two companies signed an official reseller agreement that paths the way for OSF to officially sell and support the Emmy Award winning marker-less camera tracking technology. Nick Hatch, CEO at Ncam…
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Tech Dragon Joins OSF Board

2020 is looking good at OSF with a number of announcements in the coming weeks.  First up, Co-founder of the USA’s largest private founded broadband network Mike Harris has joined the OSF board of Directors as a Non Executive Director with the mandate to guide growth and policy at OSF the welsh technology company that…
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ARRI CAP control UE4

Changing ARRI Camera Setting in Real-Time with UE4

ARRI CAP the back door to ARRI Camera Settings, allows VP developers to control on-set cameras from the VP system inside Unreal Engine. When I spotted this post about how to change ARRI LUTS live in-camera during recording / streaming. I thought about how the ARRI CAP (Camera Access Protocol) may be your gateway to…
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Yeti and Unreal Engine

Yeti and Unreal Engine integrate for better hair and fur

Yeti moves to integrating UE4 Unreal Hair and Fur spec into Yeti which is now publicly available 3.5.4 release. Additionally, the latest version introduces the concept of a “live” Alembic export – this means that as you groom in Yeti the Alembic file will be dynamically updated to provide faster feedback in engine.