5 LED panels for in-camera VFX, film and TV production.

5 LED panels for in-camera VFX, film and TV production.

With the demand for LED studios blowing up, this week OSF Founder and VP Cinematographer, Asa Bailey, points us towards some usfull alternatives to the ROE BP.2 LED panel.

DVP Asa Bailey usability testing, in-camera LED at On-Set Facilities.

5 more LED panels you should look at.

“All of these panels have the desired pixel pitch, brightness, blackness, and scan drive options that works for film and TV cameras, and they are also all good for hitting the REC2020 colour space,” says Bailey, DVP and CEO of On-Set Facilities. “All these panels are what you can also call open, as they support a wide number of processing platform choice, meaning you can choose your processing, and take advantage of mixing multiple platforms between multiple productions, based on their availability in the market.”

Some of those below panels get significantly closer to Rec 2020, where previously there were very few panels on the market whose colour gamut got close to the Rec 2020 spec, there are an increasing number today, manufactured with LEDs that can touch the deeper colours, especially if driven by smart dynamic calibration, so that the colour is not restricted by the default factory calibration. “

These 5 panels are good examples, of LED panels for in-camera VFX, in no particular order:



Leyard CLI 2.6

Absen PL 2.5

DigiLed DigiThin

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Asa Bailey
Director of Virtual Production

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