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Building Virtual Camera Rigs with Vicon Mo-Cap

Asa Bailey Vcam

Shooting fully virtual, in-engine is one of the most liberating ways to shoot. Instead of the usual metal seen on any other shoot, there’s no real camera. We use a tethered simul-cam or virtual camera rig, built using an ATOMOS for both view-finder and as an onboard recorder. When we see the shot we want we simply press record on the camera’s recorder and we capture the shot, in real-time. Thanks to the way the GODBOX Real-time Ready architecture works, there’s almost no delay between the virtual camera rig’s operator moves and what’s recorded on the drive. Optical motion capture technology is not cheep, it’s certainly a professional mo-cap solution including all the Vicon cameras (6 VARO 2) a set of passive / active markers and the VICON Shogun software.

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Lets work together


The race is on, there’s a whole new breed of creative on the way and it’s going to make the shift from shooting on film to digital, look like Pac Man.

In tech circles there is something called coopetition, its where competitive companies work together to serve and innovate to the benefit of the whole (aka NVIDIA, Intel). As they say, “a rising tide lifts all” and that’s the case now with the creative production industry too.

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