Creative Console Plugin for Unreal Engine 4.26

Creative Console Plugin for Unreal Engine 4.26

Monogram Creative Console

The Creative Console by Monogram is a modular desktop device designed to improve productivity and creative workflows. The Creative Console allows users to work in a variety of applications with ease whether its editing pictures in Photoshop or video in PremierPro, Creative console works with all.

And now Monogram has entered virtual production with their latest Unreal Engine 4.26 plugin. The plugin is designed around reducing barriers between direction and crew on set, they aim to achieve this by allowing the connection between Monogram Creator software and Unreal Engine. The Creator software now allows for the mapping of modules to control in-engine features and assets whether that’s a virtual camera or dynamic light fixture.

Monogram Creative Consoles

Lighting can now be controlled via Monogram Creator allowing users to adjust intensity, pattern, and color through orbiters and dials. The creative console also spans into the virtual camera department with the ability to adjust camera setting through the simple spin of a dial. Focus, zoom and aperture can all be adjusted through Monogram. Once ready to record the monogram creator can also be mapped with its sequencer and take recorder integration, enabling all controls for shooting to be in one designated deck.


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