Disguise nabs Gideon Ferber from Ross Video

Who's behind Disguise

In a move that signs the company moving into the broadcast space, Disguise have lured Gideon Ferber away from Ross Video. In his new role Gideon takes on the tittle of Product Director, Broadcast.

Who’s behind the Disguise.

Not so long ago Epic Games bought a 5% stake in Disguise and the company also bagged a juicy round of VC funding. But this injection means the media server business must now strike out, grow sales and enter new markets. Disguise also attracted Phil Ventre from Ncam earlier in the year, the company succeeding in pulling together an impressive bench of Broadcast industry insiders.

But broadcast is a funny business full of political intrigue and mischief as vendors line up for permanent install gigs and shows. Having the right connections is key to getting in line early on in the project life-cycle. Looking at the Disguise web-site their historical examples of broadcast, showcase a bias towards live event style shows such as big music awards shows.

Looking at the broadcast VP market.

It will be interesting to see how or if, Disguise will wrap up Unreal Engines studio based virtual production features into some sort of paid for software offering for virtual studios or if they will stick to the big live show formats. The virtual studio broadcast space is very mature, with software and hardware from the likes of Brainstorm or Zero Density.

All these broadcast virtual production solutions, including Ross Video’s own Lucid Studio offer broadcast virtual studio operators with a single usable interface for controlling fully virtual studios. The tools include easy ways for operators to create real-time chroma masks, or live integration of outside data sources, and controlling graphics and 3D AR elements.

Unreal already has these broadcast virtual studio style features, all available natively in-engine and these broadcast virtual solutions simply wrap them up and make them more usable. All the above virtual broadcast studio software, including Unreal Engine all run on Windows PC architecture.


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