GODBOX Ranked Most Powerful Virtual Production Computer

GODBOX Ranked Most Powerful Virtual Production Computer

The OSF GODBOX ranked the 18th fastest computer in its class (out of 500,000 benchmarked builds) powering real-time VFX and LED stage virtual productions. The newly released GODBOX Pro MKII is the first OSF computer to ship to studios with the new proprietary OSFX architecture, OSF’s answer to optimised on-set computing with direct to display technology.

Power each 4K LED Canvas with GODBOX™ Pro MKII

With direct support for Unreal Engine, Unity 3D and Omniverse. The new build also marks On-Set Facilities move away from Intel’s i9 to AMD Threadripper along with an upgrade from the NVIDIA Quadro RTX8000 to the latest NVIDIA A6000 GPU. Full system spec.

Before we go any further we would like to thank the teams at iMAG Displays and Treehouse Digital for inviting us to come down to their LED stages to test the power of the new GODBOX™ in action. Also a huge thanks to Brompton, RED Digital Cinema and Ncam for supporting these tests. May we also just clarify our ranking methods. We use multiple rendering benchmarking tests ranking the GODBOX™ against a worldwide sample of hundreds of thousands computer builds. Benchmarking is vital, but at OSF we believe the only real way to test our new products is on-set.

Testing the GODBOX Pro MKII On-Set

It was a fantastic opportunity to show the full power of our latest GODBOX Pro on the big stage. On the day, the OSF virtual production computer powered both the camera tracking and 3D UE4 virtual environments simultaneously to 2 x 4k LED canvases. Driving low-latency, HDR real-time rendered graphics to a 32m x 3m, 2.8mm pitch volume, powered by a total of just 2 synchronized GODBOX Pro computers. 

Proving our latest GODBOX Pro build on-set, capable of pixel perfect mapping, delivering low latency 4K outputs at 120fps to each 4K LED canvas, we benchmarked the system and found at 4K we still had a whopping 80% of computing headroom left for artists to utilise in engine for real-time sets and VFX.


LED Virtual Production

Director of Virtual Production Asa Bailey @ On-Set Facilities 2021


In the first GODBOX™ the i9 was chosen for it’s stability at lower cores, but with the latest advances in the OSFX architecture, OSF reports production ready stability has now been reached on all 32 cores and 64 threads powering 8K UHD HDR output from all major engines.

Driving the iMag’s Black Pearl and Black Diamond ROE LED panel walls, the OSF engineered virtual production system delivered blisteringly fast and reliable 10bit, HDR, ACES pipeline, real-time raytracing support. With both inner and outer camera frustums running all at full res, with no loss of frames or reliability, delivering a constant synchronized 24FPS in editor. The results, using the OSF GODBOX on-set computing platform, with native Unreal Engine or Unity 3D support and no middle ware, the results speak for themselves.

What You Need to Know about the new GODBOX™ Pro MKII

GODBOX Direct LED Processor Support 

Connecting the GODBOX Pro 4K outputs directly to the iMag studios Brompton SX40 LED processors, without the need for any third-party media servers or software, the simplicity of the GODBOX system proved to not only reduce overall system latency, it also allows users to use the power of the Brompton SX40’s LED processors directly to adjust the brightness, colour and temperature of the LED, giving users the ability to adjust the LED to any camera sensor.


Coincidently, as the RED brand name suggests on an LED stage we have found that RED cameras do indeed see a little more red on the RGB scale. That’s compared to the ARRI camera systems that seem to see more of the blue / green in the RGB curves. With GODBOX™ directly driving 4K HDR content to the Brompton SX40 LED processors, we were able to instantly adjust colour levels of the LED and pull out any RBG colour from the sensors vision at ease.

Go Directly from Your Engine to Your LED Processor  

But no matter what camera system you are using, thanks to how the GODBOX virtual production computers connects your engine directly to the LED processors just as if they where just a massive big screen 4K, 8k or even 16KK TV or monitor, GODBOX users can reduce their system lag, and deliver graphics to the LED processors at up to 120FPS as standard.

Book a GODBOX Demo at Your Studio 

OSF is proud of what we were able to accomplish considering our whole crew was under ten people and we had only 1 day to install and tune the OSF GODBOX system to the iMag LED stage. If you’d like to take a look at the GODBOX in action in your studio, drop us a line at sales@onsetfacilities.com


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