GODBOX High Speed Camera Tracking for shooting on LED

GODBOX High Speed Camera Tracking for shooting on LED

By integrating multiple camera tracking technologies into the GODBOX Tracking Blox, On-Set Facilities have created a highly reliable, flexible, low-latency, camera tracking solution thats very effective shooting real-time, in-camera VFX, on LED stages. Based on a 4K 10bit, HDR processing pipeline the GODBOOX Tracking Blox has the ability to maintain tracking and render images to the LED, even at very high speeds.

Following the brief of “build a tracking system capable of tracking anything anywhere” OSF are doing just that. As seen in the Video below in our lab tests we push the GODBOX Tracking Blox with ultra-high frame-rate shooting and unpredictable handheld moves. Our two-way, 3D optical tracking integration allows for 75% occlusion of the physical camera without any cost of performance or signs of jitter. The system also comes with several extra tracking abilities catering to the “Anything” sector of our brief tracking any on-set rigid objects, such as props and sets, GODBOX Tracking integrates point-cloud, depth and object tracking. (Shot by Director of Virtual Production Asa Bailey)

Battle Testing – Why LED FPS speed is a key factor for filming real-time in-camera VFX using LED.

We looked at how tracking systems affects the user experience, looking at the camera operator who will often be the first person to notice any trouble with tracking within a shot. If the tracking system lags between processing g and the LED wall the illusion will break.

You can cancel out system lag for live broadcast or synced recording quite simply by slowing down the rest of the data streams, but if you are shooting in real-time, in-camera, recording real-time light to the sensor and card, just like when you are filming on an LED stage, then you need seriously fast camera tracking to keep up with your camera movement.

In out tests, the GODBOX Tracking Blox proved itself capable of keeping the LED image up to speed with the camera operators movement. Following posts will go more deeply into these on-set tests. The price of the GODBOX Tracking Blox integration is based on your studio or productions specific 3D tracking needs. For more information on the GODBOX Tracking BLOX integration, please email sales@onsetfacilities.com.


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