Hollywood Quality in Unreal Engine

Hollywood Quality in Unreal Engine

With the release of ‘Troll’ the cinematic tech demo from Goodbye Kansas and Deep Forest Films. It left the film and animation industries amazed with what exactly the Unreal engine can do.

The short, directed and written by Deep Forest Films’ Björne Larson, shows a princess playing with fiery sprites before they’re scared away by some hidden, looming beast deep in a forest.

‘Troll’ shows just how much can be achieved in the Unreal Engine with the use of ray-tracing. The realtime demo demonstrates a high level of cinematic lighting which was previously unseen in the engine. Proving how the engine can be pushed to create Hollywood quality results, all in realtime! 

The digital princess was created with 3D and 4D facial scanning then applied the scans to Meta Human Framework. This helped create the impressively subtle and emotional facial performances from the digital human.

Image result for ray tracing troll

Although the digital human within the short wasn’t photorealistic its damm close.The digital human is the only aspect of the demo which wasn’t quite Hollywood ready but it isn’t far away. Theres also solutions to using digital humans, you can add real talent to scenes while keeping the virtual background by using virtual production methods. This would give the project a greater and more real finished quality.

See Unreal’s blog for full coverage.


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