HTC Vive Cosmos Provides Better Tracking Than Ever

HTC Vive Cosmos Provides Better Tracking Than Ever

HTC VIVE Cosmos Headset

HTC went to there Facebook page to announce the new faceplate for there upcoming Vive Cosmos. The VIVE cosmos is HTC’s next consumer level headset set to release at Q3 this year. We’re still unsure of the exact price or a full specification although this teaser gives us a insight to the tracking options within the headset.

The headset can be seen with a total of six tracking cameras, two of the front of the headset, one on each side and two pointing up and down. The VIVE Cosmos will be the first headset to market witgh so many optical trackers. These trackers will provide a greater range of movement with controllers, currently tracking of controllers can be limited by how close they come to the headset and which heights they can be kept due to a loss of tracking. But with the two cameras looking up and down it helps provide accurate tracking in these currently blind spots. This allows the headset be more immersive for first person shooters and cater a better experience without the loss of tracking.

The new VIVE Cosmos has the ability to remove the faceplate when the faceplate is removed the up and down cameras also are removed. This ability will allow developers to physically understand the headset and strip it down for better developments.

What else we know about VIVE Cosmos

The headset is meant to have the “sharpest yet” VR screens which are predicted to use JDI 2160×2160 panels the same panels as the HP Reverb. The Cosmos will also have a different controller design to the original HTC VIVE instead if the touchpad the headset provides thumb-sticks. Although the product may suffer in aesthetics it hopefully will have a greater functionality or it’s a way for HTC to provide a cheaper price tag.

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The Headset is definitely a more game console version of HTC’s VIVE although that’s what the masses want and will enable everyone to experience VR. Hopefully HTC can provide a consumer product that is accessible to everyone.


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