Installing a Quadro Sync II Card for LED Video Wall Synchronisation

Installing a Quadro Sync II Card for LED Video Wall Synchronisation

It takes just 10 minutes and a steady hand to install a Quadro Sync II card. With this card installed in your PC you can connect multiple GPU’s to run in-sync and begin synchronising your LED video wall for virtual production. If you have a Virtual Production PC with an NVIDIA Quadro GPU installed, you simply open up your machine, locate an available PCI slot, carefully place the card in the slot and then connect up the 6pin PCE or SATA power cable (you should have one already, but check that your rig has a spare) and then connect the Quodro Sync II cable from your GPU to the top of the Sync II card.


To install the driver, visit NVIDI driver hub. Here is where you can download all the latest drivers for all Nvidia products, navigate through the search function and select the Quadro series Sync generator II. Now you can download the Quadro Sync Series drivers. After installing the drivers move down to “Quadro advanced options” here is where you’ll be able to download the Mosaic Utility. Mosaic technology combines multiple displays or projectors into a single virtual display port. Now your Quadro is ready to go and can be seen within the Nvidia control panel as a device is all setup correct. Next time we’ll look at how to connect a cluster of Quadro Sync connected machines to control the different LED video walls in your set-up.

NVIDIA Quadro Sync II Card

Installing a Quadra Sync II Card for LED Video Wall Synchronisation.


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