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LED 4k Canvas to Real Space relation

LED 4k Canvas

See below a table of the relation of a 4k LED processor canvas to physical space and measurements of LED volume. The real space value is determined by both the pixel pitch and resolution of each panel.

Panel Model (mm)  Panel Resolution (px)  4k Canvas to Real Space (m ²) 
Black Pearl 2.8  176×176  10.5×6 
Black Peal 3.9  128×128  15×8 
Diamond 2.6  192×192  11.25×10      
Ruby 2.3  216×216  8.5×5 
Ruby 1.5  320×320  6×3 
Carbon 5  104×208  21.6×12 
Carbon 8   72×144  31.8×18 

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