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Hire ROE LED for Film and TV

LED for virtual production

Professional LED panels for film and TV production.

On-Set Facilities provide a wide range of LED panel for hire and sale to Film and TV productions. With differing pitch, brightness and refresh rates to cover both in-camera and off-camera applications. 

LED hire sales and support

We work with you and your production to harness the full ability of LED on-set

LED for Real-time in-camera  VFX

We harness LED to bring real-time in-camera VFX on-set to your productions. We have specialized crews with hours experince shooting on LED stages. 

Installation & Setup

We will deliver, setup and install your LED panels. Our internal teams will work to do all the heavy lifting on-set so you dont have to.

LED Media Chain  

We bring the enitire media chain and pipeline for your production. We have a network of media servers all working simultaneously to power your LED Walls.  

Specialized Crew

We’ll provide the crew to operate your wall whether its the installers or the media server operater, we provide everyone you need.

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