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Metaverse Cinematography for BMW


On-Set Facilities was approached by the metaverse agency Journee to collaborate on BMW’s latest metaverse campaign, marking the launch of the all new BMW iX1.

The full BMW Dreams experience is available here at:

Metaverse BMW iX1

Cinematography in the Metaverse

On-Set Facilities jumped at the opportunity to bring both, its physical cinematography and virtual production methodologies together within BMW’s new virtual world. The production within the BMW metaverse was done entirely remote, with the teams from BMW, Journee, and OSF being spread across Europe. The project was hosted within the cloud, allowing all artists, camera crew, and clients to collaborate, test, and adjust the project simultaneously. Allowing for fast, clear, and efficient communications and iterations between all teams.


Virtual Cinematographer and DOP Asa Bailey set out to shoot the campaign as though it was a practical shoot, capturing physical camera moves at OSF virtual cinematography studio in Wales, with real-world mapped anamorphic lens. After testing a mixture of methods; real and virtual it was decided by Bailey that a fully virtual camera grip system matched with physically captured and mapped post-process enhanced virtual cameras, gave the perfect Sci-Fi feeling to the cinematics.

Virtual Cinematography
OSF North Wales, DOP Asa Bailey uses motion capture and camera tracking to capture on-set camera crew performances, in-engine.


OSF provided the campaign with Stills and Cinematics, which can be found on any BMW social media platforms or here at:


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