Mo-Sys and On-Set Facilities announce joint venture to provide global remote production support

Mo-Sys and On-Set Facilities announce joint venture to provide global remote production support

Remote production systems

Mo-Sys™ and On-Set Facilities™ join forces to create a worldwide technical service and support team.

The Engineering and development company Mo-Sys™ who develop camera motion, robotic and 3D tracking hardware have joined forces with On-Set Facilities™ the developers of real-time computers and managed production systems, to launch OSF-Mo-Sys™ a new team of technical specialists who will provide on-set and remote support to sets, studios, and stages, world-wide. Based out of London and LA the team will provide certified service and support for On-Set Facilities™ on-set managed systems for pre-visualisation, real-time VFX, robotics, automation, remote, and virtual production.

On-Set Facilities and Mo-Sys

OSF-Mo-Sys™ providing on-set technical service and support at BBC Cardiff Studios.

Full stack support for On-Set Facilities™ managed production systems

And the best news is, the team will not only support Mo-Sys products, OSF-Mo-Sys™ will support all products and components used in On-Set Facilities™ managed production systems, that are dissimilar to their own. That currently includes hardware and software from Nvidia, Intel, Arri, Blackmagic, Epic Games, Xsens, Rokoko, Ncam and Mo-Sys, with the global support team on-hand to provide production support for both on-set and remote production applications.

Mo-Sys is the world leading motion and tracking engineering company with hardware and software having been used on numerous Oscar and Emmy award winning productions (Gravity, Life of Pie to name a few). Founded in Wales in 2016 by British Director Asa Bailey, On-Set Facilities™ builds real-time computers and managed production systems that combine components that have been battle tested on-set by Bailey and his team.

For the past two years On-Set Facilities™ and Mo-Sys have worked together to support numerous film and media productions. Asa Bailey, now CEO at On-Set Facilities™ said “This new venture builds on our two companies existing and successful working relationship.” CEO of Mo-Sys, Michael Geissler added “We are excited to back-up our partners efforts to provide the film and media production industry with the very best-of-breed technologies and support.”

For more information or to book service and support from the OSF-Mo-Sys™ team, you are welcome to contact On-Set Facilities™


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