Multicam shooting with virtual cameras Unreal Engines Take Recorder

Multicam shooting with virtual cameras Unreal Engines Take Recorder

Unreal Engine take recorder

Today we pushed Unreal Engines Take Recorder and Sequencer to archive Multicam shooting in a full virtual production test. The objective of this test was to see just how many cameras could be recorded simultaneously, how this effects frame rate and how best to render out each cameras perspective. (Its important to not this test was created within 6 hours with the creation of characters to final renders all was done in a days work.)

To start we threw together a basic set, some animations, some lights and our simple digital doubles from iClone. This gave us something to shoot within the engine and made the outcome a little more entertaining.

Once the we’d rigged our characters and tweaked some lights it was time to get the cameras in there. We set up five independent cameras for 5 different shots. All the cameras where set up with uniquely with differing focal distances, lengths and exposers which will all be recorded.

We’re going to record all of the cameras through take recorder and we will also record the animations of our characters, to do this we add all the sources to the take recorder. After your recording you’ll find the takes in the automatic folder path under “cinematic”. We only record the animations and cameras cause this then gives us the ability to move our characters to any environment and have the exact same set up.

Unreal Engine Take recorder

One issue we encountered with the take recorder was that the take sequences created were read only, this stops us from editing tracks and having the ability to choose which rendered camera perspective we want. This issue was quite easily sorted by simply copying all tracks into a new sequence allowing us to render out each view individually through using “camera cuts”.

The point of this test was to show the scalability of virtual shooting, we used 5 cameras simultaneously on this shoot but there’s no reason why that couldn’t be 50 cameras or 100 along as your machine can maintain frames there should be no issue, our OSF render machine ran these 5 cameras and animations happily at 120FPS no problems. This opens up the capability of fully virtual shooting up even further.


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