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Netflix 1899 LED Volume

Babelsberg 1899 Virtual Production BTS

Dark Bay a virtual production company released an eagerly awaited behind the scenes photos from the set of the new Netflix show, Babelsberg 1899 the hotly anticipated new mystery series from Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, creators of global hit Dark. Shooting in Berlin this is the first behind the scenes image to be…
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LED Stage

Showcase at ARRI Creative Space Burbank

Today Ryan Bellgardt and Emily Taylor from the Oklahoma-based Boiling Point Media visit the ARRI Creative Space for a meeting with On Set Facilities Strategic Partner Elektrashock/OSF. Producer/VPS Darnell Williams, founder of On Set Facilities Strategic Partner Elektrashock/OSF, meet at the ARRI Creative Space in Burbank.

Who's behind Disguise

Disguise nabs Gideon Ferber from Ross Video

In a move that signs the company moving into the broadcast space, Disguise have lured Gideon Ferber away from Ross Video. In his new role Gideon takes on the tittle of Product Director, Broadcast. Who’s behind the Disguise. Not so long ago Epic Games bought a 5% stake in Disguise and the company also bagged…
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Unity Speedtree

Unity buys SpeedTree for 2021.2

SpeedTree is coming to Unity 2021.2 Unity has today announced its acquisition of Interactive Data Visualisation, the company best known as the creator of SpeedTree. The current plan is for the SpeedTree technology to become more deeply integrated into the Unity ecosystem over time, starting with the engine’s upcoming 2021.2 release. As explained by Unity’s…
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Unreal Engine Virtual Production Showcase

When the UE mothership sings the virtues of virtual production.

GODBOX Unity Home Page

GODBOX goes on sale on

Unity Technologies add’s GODBOX computers to Unity verified solutions and pull OSF, the Welsh computer company, under its big-tech wing. OSF low latency computing technology, including the GODBOX workstation, servers and real-time cloud production solutions, are all set to serve as the Unity real-time computing platform. Real-time production is seeing a huge uptake in many industries…
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Unity in-editor real-time rendering

What’s all the fuss about? Well, if you work in real-time production you’ll know how annoying it is that most tools require you to jump in and out of play mode to get the best results. On-set this his a pain and barrier to rapid on-set development and responding to the crews needs. So when…
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Talking virtual production with NVIDIA

OSF Founder and Director of Virtual Production Asa Bailey, discusses virtual production with Jamie Allan, NVIDIA’s Media, Entertainment & Broadcast Industry lead – EMEA. Recorded live on behalf of the 2021 Media Production and Technology Show.

What’s happened to the OSF Blog

Quite a few people have asked – what’s going on. And we appreciate that some of you will be looking for information that we may have previously hosted on our blog. Don’t worry it will be back, just as soon as we can scrape it from the old database. But we needed to make some…
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