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Unreal Engine Virtual Production Showcase


When the UE mothership sings the virtues of virtual production.


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GODBOX goes on sale on

GODBOX Unity Home Page

Unity Technologies add’s GODBOX computers to Unity verified solutions and pull OSF, the Welsh computer company, under its big-tech wing.

OSF low latency computing technology, including the GODBOX workstation, servers and real-time cloud production solutions, are all set to serve as the Unity real-time computing platform. Real-time production is seeing a huge uptake in many industries as companies look to empower remote workforces and move to more efficient, greener, and better ways to work. Sales show real-time production is seeing multi-industry adoption, with media and entertainment, architecture, design, manufacturing and medical applications taking the lead.

More news to come from OSF and Unity.

An official press statement will be made in the coming weeks, but for those of you close to the OSF fire, you can take a look at the OSF solutions page, at that went live today.

Our Unity day deserves a mark in our company history.

The OSF GODBOX low latency real-time computing platform is now LIVE on the Unity official web site. Not only that, the GODBOX is the first ever computer platform to be officially awarded verification by Unity Technologies. As Unity Verified Solution Partners OSF who manufacture GODBOX computers in the UK and USA, joins the likes of SONY, HOUDINI and Vrjo. You can see all the Unity verified solution partners at the Unity Verified Solutions Partner page.

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Unity in-editor real-time rendering

What’s all the fuss about? Well, if you work in real-time production you’ll know how annoying it is that most tools require you to jump in and out of play mode to get the best results. On-set this his a pain and barrier to rapid on-set development and responding to the crews needs. So when we look at an engine we want to be able to test what it renders like – out of play as well as in-play. It is for these reasons that we created GODBOX

Get the free Unity Camera Tool plugin.

Asa Bailey is Director of Virtual Production known as one of the earliest pioneers of real-time virtual production. Over recent years he’s become an influential arbiter of the virtual production user experience. Essentially, Bailey puts technology through its paces before it goes anywhere near a set.

In this video Asa takes an off the menu virtual camera, for a spin in Unity. Using the camera tool plugin to gain control of the Unity GAME camera (the good looking viewport) using the camera tool plugin, Asa was able to take control of the Unity camera by selecting ay viewport, hitting a hot key and then taking control of the Unity camera and flying about. All by way of moving the camera with the AWSD keys. Asa was easily able to use the usual in editor camera controls to adjust the camera acceleration, and moving to the volume panel for all the exposer and bloom.

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What’s happened to the OSF Blog

Quite a few people have asked – what’s going on. And we appreciate that some of you will be looking for information that we may have previously hosted on our blog. Don’t worry it will be back, just as soon as we can scrape it from the old database.

But we needed to make some serious changes to bring our web site into line with the rest of our technology, and to tug the sails, getting ready for where we are headed. We have some really cool landmark announcements in the coming weeks. And truth be know, we really did need to sort our web presence out. Including investing more into our online community commitments, but we want to stress, it’s all amazing, and all for the better. So please stick with us.

If you have followed our story, we want to thank you for your support and from the comments we have received. Especially encouraging are the ones about how important our blog has become to some of you. We want to assure you, all the information is coming back, rewritten and updated. If you want to know when new posts go live, follow our social media channels, Linkedin and facebook mostly, we’ll drop links to these new updated articles as they come out.

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