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NukeX Plugin for Unreal Engine 4.27

Nuke Unreal Engine Plugin

This week Foundry released “UnrealReader” their new Unreal Engine plugin for real-time visualisation of Unreal 4.27 scenes in NukeX. The plugin allows for connection of both software’s through the utilization of UnrealReader nodes within NukeX and a NukeServer in Unreal Engine 4.27.

UnrealReader Nodes provides NukeX users with a live render from UE and the ability to control a magnitude of features, including: Breaking objects into independent layers, unique pass separation, creation of environment maps and frame tweaking.

How it Works?

The UnrealReader nodes within Nuke synchronize with the sequences in the Unreal map and streams live render passes directly into NukeX. The connection between servers is enabled over TCP/IP on either local servers or remote. The plugin supports all connections between various different OS’s including: Windows, macOS and Linux.

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The UnrealReader nodes are built on top of the Epic Games’s “Unreal Movie Render Queue” system providing users with a interactive compositing-oriented workflow.

Setting-up Nuke Server in Unreal Engine 4.27

(In order to use the UnrealReader and Nuke Server plugins, youll need to have a NukeX or NukeStudio License. Also the Nuke Server Plugin can be downloaded here.)

  1. Download and Locate NukeServer Plugin
  2. copy the Foundry subfolder to your Unreal plug-ins location. The default Unreal Engine installation locations are: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.27\Engine\Plugins
  3. Open your Unreal Engine project, then use the search functionality to find and then enable the Nuke Server plug-in under Edit > Plugins.
  4. Enable the plug-in and restart Unreal Engine if requried.
  5. Open the Nuke Server panel in Unreal Editor from Window > Nuke Server.
  6. Click Start Server in the Nuke Server panel to start the server connection to Nuke.
  7. In Nuke, create an UnrealReader node and connect it to your running Unreal Editor session using the same port number.
  8. The Unreal Engine project is now connected to NukeX.

See the full Official NukeX documentation here.

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