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Octane Render in Cinema4D it’s all about the Render.

Octane Render in Cinema4D it’s all about the Render.

Cinema4D Octane Render Example
Octane Render Example in C4D


Design and Produce : Taehoon Park
Character design and Modeling : Hyunsup Ahan
Synopsis and Edit : Jihoon Roh
Music and SFX : Echoic


Cinema4d, Octane, Aftereffects, Photoshop

Artists Synopsis:

The future mankind has extremely extended their lifespan by highly advanced technology. The only way to meet death exist as a type of euthanasia. Death managing company ‘DREAVELER’ which have researched a diversity methods of euthanasia invented a brand-new system which makes people travel their dreams and memories during REM sleep before the last sleep. The system also named ‘DREAVELER’ compound word of Dream & Travel focused on soothing people who get bored with a desolated future and filled with nostalgia for the nature of a vanished past.


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