GODBOX™ Omniverse Nucleus Servers

Real-time collaboration and simulation on-set and in the cloud

GODBOX™ NVIDIA Omniverse Servers

NVIDIA Omniverse™ is a groundbreaking virtual platform built for collaboration and real-time photorealistic simulation. GODBOX™ Nucleus Servers both on-set and in the cloud, enable studios to maximize productivity, enhance communication, and boost creativity while collaborating on the same 3D scenes from anywhere.

Fully managed with remote support

Scalable Collaboration

Seamless, real-time collaboration across locations, studio facilities and teams.

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Omniverse Connect

Omniverse Connectors are plug-ins to top industry software applications.

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Shoot in the cloud

Shoot real-time, feature-film quality,
multi-GPU ray tracing content.

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Virtual GODBOX™ Servers enable seamless real-time USD collaboration across locations

Virtual GODBOX™ Servers for synchronisation & collaboration

Create your virtual GODBOX™ Nucleus Server to manage your USD project files and collabortate globally using NVIDIA Omniverse framework.

Collaborate in the cloud using industry software applications including Autodesk Maya, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, and Epic Games Unreal Engine 4, Autodesk 3ds Max, Blender, SideFX Houdini, Autodesk MotionBuilder, and Pixologic ZBrush. You can read more about Omniverse Connectors here.

* Managed servers are provided with full technical support and up-time monitoring. Monitored solutions are monitored to ensure a guaranteed server up-time.

Monitored Server


per month

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Deliver feature film quality real-time rendered 3D animation and VFX locally on-set

GODBOX™ On-Set Servers

Power real-time, feature-film quality,
multi-GPU ray tracing, and path tracing on-set using USD content with NVIDIA RTX.

Achieve high-performance simulation of
complex, 3D, physically accurate worlds with minimal effort using the latest in NVIDIA simulation and AI technologies.

Connect to GODBOX™ Virtual Servers to enable seamless, real-time collaboration across locations, teams, and top industry software applications.





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Challenges in the Media and Entertainment Industry

The Film, Television, and Broadcast industries are undergoing rapid change as new production pipelines are emerging to address the growing demand for high-quality content in a globally distributed workforce.

Additionally, new streaming services are creating the need for constant releases and refreshes to satisfy a growing subscriber base. NVIDIA Omniverse gives creative teams the ability to create, iterate, and collaborate on assets using a variety of creative applications to deliver real-time results.

Artists can focus on maximum iterations with no opportunity cost or the need to wait for long render times to achieve high-quality results.

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Initial Concept Design

Artists and departments can quickly develop and refine conceptual ideas in real-time rendered virtual sets and assets to bring the Director’s vision to life.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Visual art departments can produce innovative ideas swifty, with infinite iterations at no opportunity cost, to meet bid deadlines, win new projects, and maximize profitability.

Real-Time Dailies

Remote teams can review beautiful, photoreal shots from almost any device. This lets them convey ideas effectively, reduce the number of review cycles, keep projects on track, and accelerate the path to approvals.

Global Collaboration

Globally dispersed content teams with a broad range of disciplines can now collaborate and communicate easily, increasing creative flow across departments.

Virtual Production

With the move to shooting visual effects in-camera on virtual production stages, virtual art departments can collaborate directly with the set and make directorial edits in real-time.

Managed Support

Our virtual production support crew work with your team to help them access, set-up and use NVIDIA Omniverse connectors and applications.