Real or Unreal The UE4 Quixel Tests

Real or Unreal The UE4 Quixel Tests

Unreal Engine with Quixel

With the release of ‘Rebirth’ at the GDC, Quixel and Unreal Engine really raised the bar for photorealism within the game engine. The short cinematic shows a futuristic alien land with a mix of vast landscapes and alien Architecture buildings all in a hyper real environment.

But we had another take on this, it looked like it was shot on location here in Snowdonia where the OSF team develop Realtime Pipline™.

Clean your eyes, take a look at these real images taken of Snowdonia below, then watch the video AGAIN and you’ll see what we mean. This demo destroys the line between what’s real and what’s Unreal, Quixel and Unreal Engine teamed up to create something truly amazing with this demo. We only wish we’d had the chance to live composite in some real human actors, now that would have been special.

Real or Unreal

(Real) Snowdonia OSF Development Centre.

When they announced it at GDC’s ‘State of Unreal’ where it left the audience in awe of the films sheer beauty. The project demonstrates the ability of Quixels scanning and how its able to provide a high level of detail at every level. From the vast Icelandic valleys to the detailing on a simple rock. The scans take a huge amount of detail and help the environment look great at every level. The short film took a total of 1,000 scans.

Real rocks on the side of Snowdonia

(Real) Rocks near OSF Development Centre in Snowdonia North Wales.

The Unreal Engine was at the centre of the production. Allowing the Quixel artists to edit on the go with their realtime rendering capabilities cutting out any post-production. The team also used a physical camera with a 3D tracking unit which allowed the moments of the camera to be made in the engine. The engine was able to do the colour grading, keeping all the work between Unreal Engine and Quixel. 


Unreal Engine with Quixel

(Unreal) Made in Unreal Engine with Quixel.

The end project really showed just how much can be done within the Unreal Engine and the high quality of photorealism can be achieved with the integration of Quixel. This cinematic short has really upped the standards for 3D scanning and 3D photorealism, now its time to see what the industry does with this new way of producing such high quality content.


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