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Plask Free AI Motion Capture

Plask AI Motion Capture

Plask is a newly released web-based AI animation tool that allows artists to almost instantly generate motion capture from single footage files. Plask also allows users to record, edit, collaborate and animate in the cloud. Features include the ability to upload videos or record motions with any camera directly on Plask to motion capture animations and automatically re-target, rig, and optimize the output in the editor.

Exporting Plask Animation to Unreal Engine

See below our walkthough of exporting Plasks animation directly into Unreal Engine 4.27:

Getting the Best Motion Capture from Plask

Plask is a incredibly intuitive set of motion capture tools allowing almost anyone, regardless of experience to get stuck in. Although Plasks animation performance and quality is totally in your hands. When feeding footage into Plask it’s important to keep a check list of qualities in mind:

  • Full frame of performer (head to toe)
  • Single performer in footage (doesn’t support multi character animation yet)
  • Static / minimal camera moves
  • (Ideally) 30FPS
  •  Static Lighting

Supported Formats and Exporting

Supported Browsers: Chrome 58 +, Firefox 57 +, Safari 11 +, Microsoft Edge 16+

Supported Footage Formats: mp4, mov, avi footage files (Plask is also able to capture live footage from any connected video device)

Suppported Export Formats: .FBX , .GLB , .BVH

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