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A master power-edge computer to run your real-time virtual production application on-set, where low latency, real-time computing is critical.




Power-edge computer for real-time virtual production

Power and reliability, where low latency, real-time computing is critical.

    • Intel i9 8 Core 3.6GHz
    • 48GB NVIDIA RTX 8000 GPU
    • 128GB (4x32GB) DDR4 RAM
    • 2TB SSD 3500MB/s Read, 2500MB/s Write
    • 8K Pro 8 lane PCI I/O BMD Decklink
    • Platinum 1200W PSU
    • Silent Slim CPU Cooler
    • OS Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
    • OSFX Bios Tuning

The GODBOX™ RTX 8000 Master Real-Time Virtual Production Computer

If you have ever tried to run more than one hungry application, on one machine on-set you’ll know how dropped frames, struggling FPS, data transfer lag and visual display jitters can kill a real-time production. It’s also when you’ll need to adopt a Master and Servant RTVP system set-up.

The GODBOX™ is an almighty master computer that is designed to be run as your main on-set world computer, it is the master real-time rendering engine that conducts your real-time virtual production. Battle tested under pressure on productions, when you are on-set you want to know your master node computer is as powerful and reliable as possible. That’s why we designed the GODBOX™.

Why an RTX800? Because most world / game engines only use 1 GPU in editor mode. When you are on-set and under pressure you’ll want the most powerful single GPU possible, in your master machine to maintain high FPS rates, especially if you have multiple machines and complex I/O set-ups. Presently, that’s the NVIDIA RTX 8000, back that up with the latest generation Intel i9 processor chosen for its balanced reliability over the competition and with 128GB DDR4 RAM, you have one of the world’s most powerful on-set computers backing you up on-set.

Designed to run your chosen creation engine in real-time with low latency, balancing power with reliability the GODBOX™ is built with the best available components to date, and designed around the fastest RTVP computing architecture. The GODBOX will run the most demanding graphics and real-time FX in engine. Heavy levels, virtual sets, LED stages, digital characters, or holographic displays, are all no problem with plenty of headroom.

Available in a number of form factors to meet your stage, production or studio needs.



Ready for application specific node computers and processors

The GODBOX™ sits at the heart of your on-set real-time virtual production system design, it’s designed to drive your world at the highest levels of performance and reliability. As part of a ‘Master and Servant’ virtual production system design a GODBOX™ connects multiple devices (including other GODBOXS™) and application specific computers and processors. Often called nodes or engines, the servant machines draw data from the world engine running on the GODBOX™ and they pass it back to the GODBOX™ with blistering fast predictability, low-latency reliability and efficiency. Furthermore, each node or render engine is often given a specific on-set role, be that for running motion-capture equipment, driving large LED walls as virtual backdrops, tracking lights and cameras, controlling remote cameras, or rendering fully virtual

Unlike cloud based SaaS computing, real-time virtual production requires the use of powerful on-set edge computers where the proximity between data and computing is critical. Often referred to as render engines or render nodes, a GODBOX™ is high powered real-time computer that generates low latency, high frame rate, high resolution, real-time graphics, on-set. Read more about real-time virtual production system design here.

How we came up with the name GODBOX™

GODBOX™ is the name we give to the computer that’s ultimately responsible for running the heart of your virtual production system. Running your creation engine and controlling all the real-time graphics on multiple displays, even over multiple on-set computers. At On-Set Facilities™ we don’t only design and develop powerful edge computers, for over a decade we’ve been building on-set computer systems for productions and we’ve always referred to the master node machine, the one where all the other computers route to, or take their lead from, as the God Box.

GODBOX™ 3 year warranty and On-Set Support™

Every GODBOX™ computer comes with a 3 year return to base warranty. On-Set Support is available on annual SLA.

Developed in collaboration with the industry

Aligned to the latest advances in Unreal Engine and leading 2D and 3D CG software applications and built in collaboration with innovative technology partners Epic Games, NVIDA, Blackmagic, the GODBOX™ is designed for reliability and performance where low-latency, real-time computing is critical.

Power and reliability out the box

Every GODBOX™ benefits from battle-tested research and  development, on the front line of cutting-edge virtual productions. Before leaving the On-Set Facilities LAB, each GODBOX™ undergoes 24 hours of stress testing for performance, reliability, power and build quality.

OSFX Bios for Virtual Production

Stability is everything on-set and so all specifications are given as the minimum with no overclocking. Every GODBOX™ is delivered as production ready, perfectly tuned and optimised to burst through real-time critical computing tasks.

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