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Combining optical motion capture and camera tracking technology, the GODBOX™ Mo-Cap is a dedicated on-set computer for processing and recording motion capture and 3D camera tracking data.



A synchronised real-time virtual production processor for low-latency, frame accurate, motion-capture and camera tracking applications.

    • Intel® Core™ i9-11900K Processor
    • 128GB RAM
    • RTX A6000 GPU
    • 1 x Gen4 2TB SSD Hard Drives
    • 10G LAN + Intel® Gigabit LAN
    • 8K 4 lane SDI Bi Directional I/O Video Card
    • 1200W Silent power supply
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64bit
    • 4U rack mount form factor
    • On-Set Flight Case
    • 48-hour pre-delivery soak test
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro or Linux
    • Ruggedised 4U OSF Flight Case

The GODBOX™ Mo-Cap workstation for real-rime motion-capture and camera tracking applications.

Developed with our partners at Vicon and Ncam, meet GODBOX™ Mo-Cap the battle tested, on-set computing platform, for running production critical camera tracking and motion capture applications. Developed as part of the GODBOX™ Tracking Solution the GODBOX™ Mo-Cap processor has been fine tuned to provide fast, reliable transport of data, from motion-capture cameras and on-camera tracking to your main GODBOX™ Pro World Engine.

Bring the power of GODBOX™ on-set.

Unlike cloud based SaaS computing or off-set cloud rendering services, real-time virtual production requires powerful on-set edge computers. In real-time latency critical workflows (real-time virtual production) the proximity between in-put data and computing is critical. This is where the GODBOX™ on-set edge computing platform comes in, specifically designed to deliver reliable low latency, high throughput, real-time processing and graphical power on-set.

Build your virtual production system with GODBOX™

The GODBOX™ Pro Workstations act as your main World and application specific node computers, designed to be run together as a single on-set VP system. Developed on productions by the On-Set Facilities™ team and built to VP application and workflow specific needs, GODBOX™ Pro Workstations add reliable, low-latency, synchronised real-time functionality to your set.

GODBOX™ virtual production computers come ready to power LED, mixed media and fully virtual shooting.

GODBOX™ LED and System Set-Ups

In a typical LED stage configuration you will use one GODBOX™ Pro Workstation to run your world and connect your hero camera. Additional GODBOX™ Pro Workstations are then added to deliver each 4K LED canvas. For example, an LED stage with 2 x 4K canvases making up the curve back wall and another 4K canvas on an LED ceiling would require: 1 x GODBOX™ Pro Workstation – Master World Server powers 1 x 4K canvas and 2 x GODBOX™ Pro Workstations to power the remaining  2 x 4K canvases, all synced together via the GODBOX™ internal sync cards (On-set global clock and or sync generator required).

Application specific GODBOX™ computers

The GODBOX™ sits at the heart of your on-set real-time virtual production system, it’s designed to drive your world at the highest levels of performance and reliability. As part of a cluster of virtual production machines, GODBOX™ connects multiple devices (including other GODBOXS™ such as the GODBOX™ Mo-Cap) and other application specific GOODBOX™ computers and processors.

Cluster Node computers draw data from the on-set GODBOX™ Server and or Pro Workstations with blistering fast predictability, low-latency reliability and transport efficiency. Furthermore, additional GODBOX™ computers can be given specific on-set roles, such as running motion-capture equipment, facial capture, spatial tracking, controlling dynamic lights, controlling remote cameras, connecting remote crew, virtual scouting and real-time production design.

GODBOX™ 3 year warranty as standard

Every GODBOX™ computer comes with a 3 year return to base warranty as standard.

With 24/7/4H On-Set Support™ available via annual SLA.

Developed in collaboration with the industry

Aligned to the latest advances in Unreal Engine and leading 2D and 3D CG software applications and built in collaboration with innovative technology partners Epic Games, NVIDA, Blackmagic, the GODBOX™ is designed for reliability and performance where low-latency, real-time computing is critical.

Power and reliability out the box

Every GODBOX™ benefits from battle-tested research and development, on the front line of cutting-edge virtual productions. Before leaving the On-Set Facilities™ LAB, each GODBOX™ undergoes 48 hours of soak testing for performance, reliability, power and build quality.

OSFX Bios for Real-Time Virtual Production

Every GODBOX™ is delivered as production ready, perfectly tuned and optimised out the box.


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