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An on-set super computer the GodBox™ is expandable to 8TB Ram, up to 128 cores and 128 threads, with up to 320TB of onboard storage with HDD or 160TB of storage with SSD. With dual AMD EPYC CPU 16 cores 32 threads and 256MB cache as standard. Your choice of Quadro GPU with Quadro Sync 2 and 10Gbit network, meet GODBOX™ 1.2




Building the Metaverse

Godbox™ Virtual Production World Servers.

Production edge computers for virtual production and in-camera real-time VFX, the Godbox™ has been designed to provide power and reliability where low latency, real-time computing is critical. Ready to support OSFX, Nvidia Omniverse and AMD Zen3 Architecture, we’ve gone military grade with the latest Godbox™ build.

Designing the Godbox™ architecture using server components, as an on-set edge computing platform for virtual production and real-time VFX, the Godbox™ is now ultimately future proof. Expandable to super-computer specs with up to 8TB of RAM (ECC REG Validated DIIMMs), up to 128 processing cores and 128 threads, up to 320TB of low-latency storage with HDD, or up to 160TB of storage with SSD.

    • 2x AMD EPYC 3.5GHz 16C/32T 256M cache CPU’s
    • 256GB DDR4 RAM ECC REG Validated DIMMs
    • 2x 2TB Enterprise Level NVMe PCIe SSDs
    • Nvidia Quadro RTX8000 48GB GDDR6 GPU Card
    • 10Gbit/Sec LAN with Nvidia Sync Card
    • 4K 4 lane bi-directional SDI Video Card
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64bit
    • 4U rack mount form factor
    • Rack Rails and Handle Kit
    • 48-hour pre-delivery soak test
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64bit Installed
    • Worldwide 3y RTB Warranty and Support

Designed and battle-tested on-set with manufacturing and On-Set Support available in the USA, UK, Europe and Asia.

The GODBOX™ RTX 8000 Master Real-Time Virtual Production Computer

For when the distance between data and computation is critical, such as on-set, the MKII GODBOX™ range of on-set production-edge computers are powered by AMD processors and Nvidia server architecture for ultimate on-set power and reliability.

If you have ever tried to run real-time applications in anger on-set, you’ll know that reducing the distance to computation is the key to achieving a reliable real-time production. Those working on virtual sets also know how dropped frames, struggling FPS, data transfer lag and sync problems can all kill a productions smooth running. That’s why experienced VP professionals use powerful on-set computers that are designed for real-time virtual production, saving both time and money on-set. Today professional VP crews all over the world trust GODBOX™ to power critical production environments for broadcast, sound-stages and studios.

The GODBOX™ RTX8000 is your almighty media server, designed to be run as your main on-set world computer, running your project and acting as a server for multi-user workflows and cluster applications; a real-time rendering engine that conducts your real-time virtual production across your production.

Battle tested under pressure GODBOX™

Why an RTX800? Because most world / game engines only use 1 GPU in editor mode. When you are on-set and under pressure you’ll want the most powerful single GPU possible, in your master machine to maintain high FPS rates, especially if you have multiple machines and complex I/O set-ups. Presently, that’s the NVIDIA RTX 8000, back that up with the perfect number of cores and clock speeds to make the most our of game engines such as Unreal Engine,  GODBOX™ is balanced for optimum on-set reliability and performance.

Build your virtual production cluster

Available in a number of form factors to meet your stage, production or studio needs.

The GODBOX™ RTX8000 is the beating heart of your virtual production system, designed to drive real-time graphic software at the highest levels of performance and reliability. As part of a cluster of virtual production machines, a GODBOX™ connects multiple devices (including other GODBOX™ models) and application specific computers and workstations. When combined in a cluster, a GODBOX™ transports data with predictability, low-latency reliability and efficiency.

Furthermore, each node or render engine is often given a specific on-set role, be that for running motion-capture equipment, driving LED walls as virtual backdrops, tracking lights and cameras, controlling remote cameras, or rendering set designs in real-time. Unlike cloud based SaaS computing, real-time virtual production requires the use of powerful on-set edge computers where the proximity between data and computing is critical.

Connect GODBOX™ to the cloud

Connect GODBOX™ to a virtual production networks (VPN) via high-speed on-set connections equipped with 10GB LAN/WAN networking components, the GODBOX™ is a powerful virtual production edge computer that’s ready to connect to the cloud. Connecting production environments both locally and remotely over a dedicated, low-latency, secure, VPN service such as StormCloud virtual productions can securely and reliably connect multiple production locations.

Godbox AMD NVIDIA RTX8000 Media Server Specifications


System Connectivity – I/O Audio Inputs / Outputs 16 Channels embedded in SD/HD/2K.64 Channels embedded in 4K/8K.


Video Inputs / Outputs 4 x bi-directional 12Gb/s SD/HD/2K/4K/8K. Supports single, dual link and quad link 4:2:2/4:4:4. 2D/3D switchable.

USB. SDI video connections are switchable between SD/HD/2K/4K and 8K.


Sync Tri-Sync or Black Burst.
Codec Support ProRes 422 HQ, Apple ProRes 422, Apple ProRes LT, Apple ProRes 422 Proxy, Uncompressed 8-bit 4:2:2, Uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2, Uncompressed 10‑bit 4:4:4.


Media Network 10Gbit
Display ports 4x DisplayPort, 1x USB Type-C.


Hardware Specifications CPU 2x AMD EPYC 3.5GHz 16C/32T 256M
Memory 256GB DDR4 ECC RAM
Storage 2TB Enterprise Level NVMe PCIe 3.1×4 SSDs
General Network 2x 1Gigabit LAN
Media Network 2 x 10GB/Sec LAN
GPU 1x Nvidia Quadro RTX8000 48GB GPU Card.

GODBOX™ 3 year warranty as standard

Every GODBOX™ computer comes with a 3 year return to base warranty as standard.

With 24/7/4H On-Set Support™ available via annual SLA.

Developed in collaboration with the industry

Aligned to the latest advances in Unreal Engine and leading 2D and 3D CG software applications and built in collaboration with innovative technology partners Epic Games, NVIDA, Blackmagic, the GODBOX™ is designed for reliability and performance where low-latency, real-time computing is critical.

Power and reliability out the box

Every GODBOX™ benefits from battle-tested research and  development, on the front line of cutting-edge virtual productions. Before leaving the On-Set Facilities LAB, each GODBOX™ undergoes 48 hours of soak testing for performance, reliability, power and build quality.

OSFX Bios for Virtual Production

Every GODBOX™ is delivered as production ready, perfectly tuned and optimised out the box.



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