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Lighting Truss Solutions

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We provide manage and install lighting trusses for your lighting fixture and help your studio become production ready. We develop unique truss designs for your specific needs and use cases. On-Set Facilities work with industry professionals and partners to best design, deliver and set-up your ideal trusses and lighting solutions.

The lighting design lays the foundation for all the work that follows. Having an interface between the creative and technical design process is a valuable tipping point in the life of a project; it facilitates and insures a successful lighting installation layout. Photometrical simulations can also help to achieve best results. Larger and more complex lighting systems could also benefit from a visualization of the aspired lighting solution. Tentative problems and opportunities can be identified easily before the installation and investors can be convinced with palpable arguments.

  • Ideation and consolidation of lighting concepts
  • Sketching of practical lighting designs
  • Feasibility analyses (technical and dramaturgical)
  • Photometrical assessment of the lighting design
  • 2D and 3D visualization