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Ncam Reality

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Ncam Reality enables virtual production through real-time camera tracking, providing live previsualization of environments, set extensions and CGI elements directly in-camera whilst shooting.Ncam Reality offers  driftless accuracy, robustness and flexibility combined with autonomous operator free functionality.


Ncam reality grants the flexibility to track and follow anywhere with any camera, anytime, with complete freedom of movement, including handheld, stabilised camera, tethered or wireless camera systems. Ncam reality also offers locational freedom with its markerless pointcloud tracking methods, providing in and outdoor tracking.

Ncam integrates easily into existing workflows without interruption, providing high-quality visualisation and decision support without delaying the shoot. Ncam provides integration into Unreal Engine through their free virtual production plugin.

The automatic “take” system captures the camera position, rotation, FIZ metadata and timecode into an industry standard file whenever the camera is recording.

The camera bar attaches to any camera quickly and efficiently, whether fixed PTZ, handheld, Steadicam, dolly or crane/jib mounted.