Ncam MKII Studio Package

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Ncam MKII Studio Package

A complete Ncam based in-camera VFX and virtual production system powered by GODBOX™ with NVIDIA RTX.


Ncam Reality Software
Prime Lens Gears
15mm Rail Kit
OSF System Rack
Looms and Cables
4 days Crew Training
3 years updates and support


About Ncam Reality

Ncam Reality MKII enables virtual production through real-time camera tracking, providing live previsualization of environments, set extensions and CGI elements directly in-camera whilst shooting. Our camera tracking solution offers a massive leap forwards in camera tracking capabilities with unrivalled accuracy, robustness and flexibility combined with autonomous operator free functionality.

Any Camera Marker-less Tracking
No markers required with fully automatic & autonomous camera tracking functionality allowing technician free operation without the need to setup fiducials/markers or previously surveys.

Advanced Lens Profiling
The fastest and most accurate lens profiling technology within the industry. We have the ability to profile any type of lens from primes to anamorphic lens within minutes.

Indoor/Outdoor Tracking
The flexibility to track and follow anywhere with any camera, anytime, with complete freedom of movement, including handheld, stabilised camera, tethered or wireless camera systems.

Extreme Lighting Environments
Ultra-resistant to dynamic changes in lighting conditions via the use of either visible light or infrared technology.

Transparent Integration
Ncam integrates easily into existing workflows without interruption, providing high-quality visualisation and decision support without delaying the shoot.

Camera Rig Flexibility
The camera bar attaches to any camera quickly and efficiently, whether fixed PTZ, handheld, Steadicam, dolly or crane/jib mounted. Setup requires the minimal alignment time and is scalable to work simultaneously over multiple cameras.

Data Aggregation & Sharing
The automatic “take” system captures the camera position, rotation, FIZ metadata and timecode into an industry standard file whenever the camera is recording.