Rokoko Smartsuit Pro

£2,495.00 ex. Vat

An entire motion capture studio in one markerless suit, enabling creators on all levels to turn any space into a creative motion capture stage.



Mo-cap anywhere with Rokoko Smartsuit Pro

Rokoko claim the Smartsuit Pro has a wireless range of up to 100 meters and requires no external parts. The suit enables anyone to capture human motion anywhere. In our on-set tests we were concerned about how the suit would handle magnetic / electric fields such as large metal objects, but we found even in a small studio with lots of computers the Smartsuit Pro performed amazingly well, especially for the cost. One thing to note you will need a Pro licence to the Rokoko Studio Software to enable the suit to stream live data into another application. Otherwise it’s just record and save.

The Rokoko System is built up of the following components:

  • The Smart Pro Suit (this product)
  • Rokoko Studio Software
  • Rokoko Virtual Production Optional Plugin
  • Facial Capture Software Option Plugin
  • Facial Capture iPhone App

Compared to other inertia motion capture suits, Rokoko is the best mo-cap suit for the budget we have seen. A great option for applications where Hollywood pixel perfect data acquisition is not necessary. As we say don’t expect it to compete with a half a million dollar optical mo-cap stage, not yet anyway. But if you are looking for an entry level mo-cap suit to get your hands dirty in mo-cap, this is the best suit you can buy for the money, hands down.

In our opinion, Rokoko are the ones to watch in this space. We’ve had nothing but great support from the team in both the LA and Europe with fast response rates to any questions, and there is a growing online user community too. These suits give all the other inertia systems a run for their money. Interestingly we can see suits like this have a growing number of applications out-side of just film and entertainment use, especially as human movement data becomes ever more useful in automation, research, sports, medical and a wealth of digital applications.

The suit is very well made, professional level in its materials and build quality. And, it just feels down-right cool when you strap in. Tech-ware heaven for geeks like us, we can see this actually being one of the first really useful bits of wearable tech, dare we even say fashion. We have worn the suit all day, for days, and if we’d needed to we’d have felt totally fine out and about in the suits. Waring motion sensors all the time as part of everyday clothing, this opens up a whole new interesting route of development for inertia suits when you think of connecting them remotely and wirelessly to the cloud via 5G.

But, back to reality and back on-set, with easy and simple integration into Motion Builder, Unreal Engine and Unity, you can get a character up and running just as quick as you can click and apply the bones in your skeletal rig. Once up and running this Rokoko suit is an incredibly creative tool for motion capture.

The Rokoko Studio software is very easy to learn and you can download the Rokoko facial capture app Rokoko Remote to your iPhone. The Smartsuit Pro is completely intuitive to wear and use. Put on your suit like regular clothes, open your software, calibrate the system, and start capturing data.

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