Rokoko Virtual Production

£995.00 ex. Vat

Rokoko Virtual Production is an add on to Rokoko Studio. Rokoko Virtual Production brings the ability to track Smartsuits with absolute location, provide accurately tracked props and visualised Cameras.

Per Year


Rokoko Virtual Production Features

Rokoko Virtual Production Studio harnesses SteamVR to bring Vive trackers and base stations straight into Rokoko Studio. The tracker can then be assigned to do several things including:

  • Multiply character Interactions
  • Provide Absolute Tracking
  • Virtual Prop
  • Virtual Camera

Rokoko System

Rokoko virtual production Studio includes the following hardware:

  • 4 x SteamVR 2.0 Base Stations
  • 1 x tablet mount for Virtual camera

  • 3 x Smartsuit tracker screws and tracker mount for

  • Studio Pro and Virtual Production Add-on for 1 year

The Rokoko System is built up of the following components:

  • The Smart Pro Suit
  • Rokoko Studio Software
  • Rokoko Virtual Production Optional Plugin (this product)
  • Facial Capture Software Option Plugin
  • Facial Capture iPhone App

Absolute Tracking

The Virtual Production add on allows us to pair both our Smartsuit and Vive tracker this then provides us with absolute tracking from the base stations and vive system. This solves the issue of drifting which is a common issue with inertial sensor mo-cap solutions, fixing this issue with other solutions can be pricey but Rokoko offer a simple solution for under £1000. With absolute tracking this opens up the ability to use multiply Vives and on multiple suits enabling performer interactions and spacing.

 Virtual Cameras and Props 

The Vive can also be paired to a virtual asset to create a virtual tracked prop which allows users to record both the mo-cap data and now a virtual prop which previously would take hours in post production methods. The Vive can be paired with a virtual camera asset this allows you to record camera moves live with the mo-cap performance. When the virtual camera and vive are paired with a iPad your able to stream to your application and transform your iPad into a live previewing SimulCam.

Rokoko Unreal Engine Plugin

Rokoko Studio Live plugin allows for a real-time data stream straight from rokoko studio into engine. Rokoko can stream motion capture, facial capture and virtual prop data all in realtime. The rokoko plugin provides a LiveLink and two assets unique actors, A Smartsuit Controller and Smartsuit Receiver. These offers easy to set up ports and connect both applications. Although you will need to do some level of blueprinting to get up and running its all fairly straightforwards with a decent character to Rig unfortunately rokoko doesn’t rig skeletons automatically as of yet, so all skeleton and facial morphs have to be rigged manually.