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£24,995.00 ex. Vat

SCOUTBOX™ puts the power of virtual production into the hands of your crew wherever they are and no matter how experienced they are in Unreal Engine. ScoutBox™ is a complete ready-to-run out the box** solution for remote real-time synchronised virtual scouting, pre-visualisation and techviz.*

  • No UE4 experience required
  • Remote set-up, training and support**
  • Connect upto 30 remote users*
  • Real-time asset synchronisation
  • Collaborative VR world environments
  • Intuitive controls and user interfaces
  • Uses latest version of Unreal Engine
  • Connects via secure remote VPN*

* Requires StormCloud™ subscription.
** Requires On-Set Support™ Subscription.


Remote Managed Virtual Production Systems

With On-Set Facilities™ real-time architecture and the power of Unreal Engines virtual production tool set, the SCOUTBOX™ is a powerful virtual production computer specifically designed to power through real-time virtual production tasks such as virtual location scouting, pre-visualisation and techviz tasks. With ready out the box pre-configurations*** and remote support and assistance available through On-Set Support™*** the SCOUTBOX™ enables any crew member to jump in and take part in both local and remote virtual production sessions.

No need for computer or Unreal Engine knowledge

You don’t need to be computer scientists, that’s our job. With a SCOUTBOX™ and any good* internet connection Cinematographers, Location Managers, Production Designers, Lighting Designers, and of course Directors can all jump into VR and start scouting virtual locations, designing sets, lighting, rehearsing camera moves, blocking action and visualising animations with real-time motion-capture* and real-time ray traced digital characters. props and sets. Pre-installed*** with your world files and with remote VP technical ON-Set Support*** on hand, you can start blocking out shots and making creative choices with SCOUTBOX™ in no time at all.

Access remote On-Set Support™ for virtual scouting

On-Set Facilities VP Technicians are on-hand to remotely support your SCOUTBOX™ experience, to set it-up and guide you through your virtual world file configuration. With On-Set Support to provide  your crew with Unreal Engine specific virtual scouting methods and to provide friendly technical remote assistance.

Shipped with everything pre-installed for remote virtual production. All you have to do is plug in the SCOUTBOX™, plug in the supplied VR VIVE headset and hang up your VIVE  Base Stations and with some remote training and support you’ll be ready to move into the world of real-time virtual production.

All On-Set Facilities™ managed virtual production systems come fully supported by our remote VP and Unreal Engine technicians (On-Set Support™ short and long-term SLA available)***.

Connect to STORMCLOUD™ for collaborative remote virtual production

By connecting your SCOUTBOX™ to the On-Set Facilities™ virtual production cloud STORMCLOUD™ you and your crew can share digital assets such as sets, characters and VFX and animations in real-time. With secure file vision control STORMCLOUD™ enables both SCOUTBOX and GODBOX™ remote users to collaborate over the STORMCLOUD™ private network to edit and work in real-time on the same project world files.

* Mo-cap and  3d tracking equipment sold separately.
** For remote virtual production sessions and remote On-Set Support we recommend a minimum internet speed of 10MB per second.
*** Pre world file configuration, remote set up and support is available to annual SLA On-Set Support™ customers.