Virtual Camera Systems

£2,995.00£39,995.00 ex. Vat

Designed and built to order for fully virtual shooting in Unreal Engine, On-Set Facilities™ VR camera systems combine battle tested, professional virtual production technologies.

  • 7″ HDR virtual viewfinder
  • Onboard recording
  • 1TB onboard SSD recording
  • 12G SDI or WIFI option available
  • Customise to your needs and budget*

*Product shown ASAMKII with Mo-Sys Startracker



On-Set Facilities™ design and build professional virtual camera systems for fully virtual shooting, that are built to order using battle tested professional production grade components. Supplied to your specifications, with a number of configuration options available for form factor to 3D tracking, on-board monitoring and recording. With options available for tethered and wireless data transport, and built to your choice of professional camera rig components, including professional base plates to match your tripod head and or grip equipment.

Model Shown

  • Model name: ASAMKII
  • 3D Tracking: Mo-Sys Startracker
  • Monitoring and Recording: Blackmagic 7″ HDR Video Assist
  • Recording Media: Onboard USBC 1TB SSD
  • Recording: Onboard / In-Engine

Designed and built by hand by On-Set Facilities UK technical camera team, the ASAMKII is a fully virtual shooting rig that uses Mo-Sys Startracker 3D camera tracking technology to deliver absolute 6DOF camera tracking data over ethernet or WIFI to sequencer in Unreal Engine.

With onboard BMC 4K RAW and Proress 422 10Bit video recording at the touch of a button, this system is designed to give the operator a simple rugged virtual filmmaking solution. Virtual camera controls such as lens settings and blue-prints at the engine, this system is designed for shooters that want to shoot and command. Once mapped to the locations Startracker constellation, the ASAMKII can be switched on and ready to shoot at a moments notice.

The ASAMKII uses rechargeable batteries on the 7″ BMC HDR Video Assist Unit with tethered cable delivering zero frame lag over 12G SDI (Wireless options are available). With a 3 cable camera loom for Mo-Sys power, data and the monitors 12G SDI video feed, the unit is cable of uninterrupted shooting and recording to its onboard 1TB Samsung SSD.

The new Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR adds professional monitoring and recording to any SDI or HDMI camera in all HD, Ultra HD, 2K and 4K DCI formats! The whole new design includes innovations such as brighter screens for HDR work, tally indicator, 4 built in scopes, enhanced focus assist features, 3D LUTs and native Blackmagic RAW recording from supported cameras! With 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 on both 5″ and 7″ models, you get support for recording from virtually any device in all formats up to 2160p60. The brighter touch screen ensures a perfect view of your recording for HDR digital film and when shooting outdoors in sunlight. The new design also features upgraded batteries and supports two standard Sony L‑Series batteries.

Built for Director of Virtual Production Asa Bailey

“Professional virtual camera systems are about creating freedom and reducing risks, when I design a virtual camera system I like to keep things as simple as possible at the camera end, high-end, rugged, reliable but simple, using trusted technologies. For reducing both lag in data and sync on-set I like to rely on a tethered camera. I can’t be doing with wireless data problems during a take not with the amount of data we are passing around on-set, I like to keep cast and crew engaged and that means the technology can not get in the way of the shooting process.”

“Having confidence in the shot is everything on-set, when your Director asks you “did you get that?” you wanna know in your heart of hearts that you can say yes and move on. That’s why I’ll only shoot with professional components like this.” DVP, Asa Bailey.

“When I shoot I want to frame and create movement in my shots, myself either using my body or some sort of grip or rig, I can attach this camera rig to virtually anything. For focus and camera setting I like to call them out, that’s why I have my trusted AC’s on the desk driving the main computer on-set, they can access all my camera controls at the desk in-engine, to bring me everything I need at the camera end in my view-port. Personally, I don’t want to control all lens selection or even the zoom or focus on-board, thats my AC’s job, I just want to just see the clean shot in my EVF and pull the move. But what this rig does allow me to do is still roll film on the camera and take down my in-engine shots onboard, both as a back-up for me and to pass to editorial so that they can get busy as soon as I’ve shot out the scene.

The other great thing about shooting this way is that my AC will have fully recorded my camera performance in-engine, so that after the shoot the post team can re-run my camera moves to export even higher res background plates, or they can  export my camera moves as FBX data to import into any DCC application to create fully online rendered plates and composites”

“Mo-Sys is my go to camera tracker for any indoor shoot, it’s onboard processor uses light to see fixed points on the ceiling, walls or floor and it gives me accurate 3D camera tracking data every-time. It may be one of the most expensive technologies for camera tracking on the market, but it’s nothing compared to the cost of re-shooting if your data slips, looses sync or drops packets, thats why for me I only shoot on one of 2 systems Mo-Sys or Ncam (for outdoor).” Asa Bailey, Director of Virtual Production.

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Mo-Sys StarTracker, Ncam Reality, Vive Tracker