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OSFX Oxygen™ Virtual Production Studio System

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UHD Virtual Production Studio System

Shoot in-camera native formats and record 10bit VFX plates or shoot direct to edit and broadcast with the systems UHD 422 12G 10bit SDI / HDMI composite.

  • License hardware and software
  • Certified installation and crew training
  • Monthly payments
  • No up-front costs
  • Minimum green screen size 6m x 4m x 2.8m high
  • Supports UE4 and all major virtual studio software





Mixed Reality Production

33 battle tested hardware and software components go into making up the OSFX Oxygen virtual production system. Shoot real-time in-camera visualisation and VFX in UHD with in-line video cross processing for all leading legacy cinema and broadcast camera system. Real-time compositing with real-time rendered CG  background, tracked talent camera and VFX layers.

System output is timecode UHD / HD 422 10bit Prores video. Layer recording composite and separate plates, foreground, alpha mask and background, saved with synced FBX camera tracking data in UE4 take-recorder for reliable editing after the shoot.  Original optical camera footage is recorded to the camera card at camera sensor native resolution.


Real-time compositing in a virtual studio, for virtual production.

Please note: system does not include LED components, camera or lenses.

Extended LED virtual studios, sets and stages


Please note: system does not include LED components, camera or lenses. The Oxygen virtual production system can be easily extended to conduct frame accurate UHD GPU output to LED processor platforms. By adding an additional RTX6000 Godbox™ media servers per UHD LED canvas, you can build LED virtual sets of virtually any size.

3 Year Licence Pricing

Oxygen virtual production systems are supplied complete, including all hardware and software under one licence.

System License £10,000 per month per tracked camera

Installation, Updates, Training and Support £25,000 per camera

Licence Term Minimum 3 years

System Features

Global Timecode Precision system clock for system wide timecode sync
Video Processing 12G UHD / HD SDI HDMI Video Line
Chromakey UHD Hardware
Media Server Godbox RTX800
2nd Workstation OSF Workstation
Desk Monitors Keyboard and mouse 4K, HP, Dell
Media Recorders 10bit 422 UHD Prores
Camera Tracking Ncam MKII / Mo-Sys Startracker
20m Camera Loom 12G SDI 10Gbit Data
System Rack Lockable Flight Case
Lens Gears Encoders for choice of lenses
Network Connectivity 16 x 10Gbit
VR System VIVE Pro
Recording Media SSD 480GB per Card
Video Village Colour safe on-set monitoring
UHD Video Line Sync Video processing for UHD 12G HDMI and IP
Hardware and Software Updates Included for 3 years