Real-Time Depth Perception with Intels New RealSense

Real-Time Depth Perception with Intels New RealSense

Real-Time Depth Perception

On the 11th of December Intel released the first RealSense Lidar Depth Camera (L515), these new cameras are designed to measure depth and provide new tracking methods to the masses with the small price tag of $350 (Preorder is available now, their scheduled to ship in April).

Whats Inside?

The new RealSense L515 camera is able to provide accurate depth perception data from 25cm to  an impressive 9m. The small camera also comes with built in RGB camera, a Bosch-made inertial measurement unit, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer. All this kit is packed into the small casing measuring a diameter of 61mm and a height of just 26mm, a incredible size for so much technology.

The L515 is optimised to work with motion blur through its internal vision processor which allows for a exposure time that’s less than 100 milliseconds. The RealSense has a 4 millisecond photon latency making it perfect for realtime applications. Both the lidar sensor and RGB camera can record up to 30 frames per second allowing integration to VFX and film pipelines. The lidar sensor’s field of view is roughly 70 degrees vertically and 55 degrees horizontally, enabling the capture of up to 23 million points of depth per second.

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Unreal Engine Support

The RealSense is supported by most major platforms and engines like: Python, ROS, C/C++, C#, Unity, Unreal Engine and OpenNI. The 4millisecond latency, 23million point cloud make the RealSense camera perfect for realtime game engine development. The point clouds can now be rendered in Unreal Engine through the new LiDAR point cloud plugin. The low latency delay opens the possibility of use cases within virtual production with improved depth VFX for a fraction of the current price.


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