Real-time film made by DAVE Students in Unreal Engine

Real-time film made by DAVE Students in Unreal Engine

Powered by On-Set Facilities real-time computers with in-camera VFX and real-time rendering, On-Set Facilities, Epic Games and the DAVE School held a virtual production, in-camera visual effects workshop with VFX students at Orlando Universal Studios.

Virtual Production

The On-Set Facilities On-Set Support team worked with the DAVE School tutors and students to shoot using an On-Set Facilities real-time VFX system, powered by NVIDIA RTX 8000 with 128gb of RAM running on an i9 processor. The virtual production system providing on-set CG background visualisation, real-time compositing of the talent foreground with 3D camera tracking data all wrapped up into an Unreal Engine project.

Students from the DAVE School crewed the 1 day shoot and took the project and camera footage back to their classroom to see what they had. They came up with this, a sci-fi movie trailer that brings together real-time visual effects with in-engine rendered fully digital shots.

You can see the amount of work that went in to this project and the amazing enthusiasm from the students and tutors. From the costumes all made by hand to the top performances both in front and behind the camera, well done to all. We look forward too many more Epic collaborations.


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