Realtime Pipeline™ & HoloLens 2 Bring Virtual Production On Location

Realtime Pipeline™ & HoloLens 2 Bring Virtual Production On Location

OSF Realtime Pipeline

On-Set Facilities have announced alongside the launch of the Microsoft Hololens 2 headset, that their Realtime Pipeline™ 2.1 will fully support the eagerly awaited new AR peripheral from Microsoft. This will bring the benefits of mixed reality pre-visualisation and realtime virtual production to sets and stages worldwide.

Realtime Pipeline™ the end-to-end realtime virtual production solution developed by OSF. Enabling 2D/3D/VR/AR content productions to deploy and work in mixed reality on set, Realtime Pipeline™ will connect crews HoloLens headsets to the mixed reality optical output of both Unity and Unreal Engine, enabling Directors, Crews and Talent to see mixed reality elements on-set, in realtime.

Hololens 2 Virtual Production

Realtime Pipeline™ to add support for HoloLens 2 summer 2019.

Realtime VFX, animations, digital characters and dynamic virtual sets will all be compatible with the Hololens series of mixed reality headsets in the Summer of 2019.” On-Set Facilities.

OSF has also hinted at how the Hololens enabled on-set mixed reality solution my work outside the green screen studio, bringing realtime virtual production on location. Realtime Pipeline equipped with Microsoft Hololens will overlay realtime virtual set extensions and VFX over real world locations to enhance on-set film pre-visualisation “it’s only a matter of time before these pre-visuals become final pixel quality for film and 2D, 3D, VFX. For AR applications we are already there things look amazing, but final pixel quality is top of the list for Producers and Director of filmic entertainment, AAA and blockbuster titles” said Asa Bailey Founder of  On-Set Facilities.

To date Realtime Pipeline™ connects a comprehensive range of realtime virtual production technologies and enables film makers and crews to produce content in realtime in Unreal engine and Unity, with on-set 3D encoding, realtime compositing, live VFX and realtime rendering.

In post Realtime Pipeline™ enables artists to port in assets from all the major digital content creation tools including Houdini, Maya, C4D into realtime rendering engines where live action can be combined with realtime rendered digital effects, animations and digital characters.

“We still like to end our pipeline in somewhat traditional ways, compositing for instance outside the engine, but for everything else we push to render in realtime” continues Bailey. On-Set Facilities was founded in 2015 and has offices and facilities in London, Wales, Madrid and Mexico. For more information on OSF and on Realtime Pipeline see 


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