OSF Supports Arri Camera Control in UE4 with Mo-Sys VP

OSF Supports Arri Camera Control in UE4 with Mo-Sys VP

Arri Camera in Unreal Engine

Our On-Set Support teams have been battle testing the latest version of the Mo-Sys VP Pro UE4 plugin; it now enables virtual production crews to control any on-set ARRI ALEXA Mini, Mini LF, or AMIRA camera directly from inside Unreal Engine. From the VP desk that could be both local or remote, VP crews can now control Arri camera configurations from inside Unreal Engine in real-time.  

Building OSF virtual production studios, the OSF team have been finding out how the new Mo-Sys UE plugin could assist in controlling cameras on an array of cloud connected virtual production sets. Giving VP crews anywhere the ability to control settings of any network connected Arri camera.

The new Arri Camera Control panel sits right inside Unreal Engine and is installed when you install Mo-Sys VP Pro plugin. You can find out more in the Mo-Sys VP Pro User Manual and just make sure CAP is switched on on the camera. Then hit its IP address in a browser to check you have network connection with your camera (over WiFi or Ethernet).

Shipped as a an Unreal Engine plug-in (there is a FREE ‘light’ version of the Mo-Sys VP plugin on the UE marketplace) you will need Mo-Sys VP Pro (annual and monthly licences are available) to access the full Arri Control features. Mo-Sys VP Pro licences and support are available from OSF.

This allows on-set camera operators to focus, frame and move, fully supported back at the VP system deck, this is a big benefit to On-Set Support teams as they can now ensure consistence between engine and camera settings without having to disturb the camera crew. Equally the reverse is possible you can also control the recorder in UE from the camera, so all functions are going both ways.

So what can this new feature actually control. We did a bit of digging. It’s not the first time controlling Arri cameras over a network has been achieved. SmallHD put together a pack that enables you to control your Arri camera from their on-set touch screen monitors. But from what we can see, the new Mo-Sys VP Pro with its Arri Control Panel is a first in terms of professional virtual production software. With the interface potentially thousands of miles away from the actual camera, you can remote control any Arri camera from the comfort of your control desk.

From remote starting and stoping take recordings to sync and timecode, we’ll be following how Mo-Sys further look to integrate camera controls into their virtual production software. Looking at what the protocol can potentially be used for, we found these functions outlined.

List of CAP functions.

  • Record Start
  • Record Stop
  • Playback Control
  • Set and Read TC
  • Set and Read Project Rate
  • Read and Set System Date/Time
  • Read Clip List from Medium
  • Camera Type
  • Camera Serial
  • Camera State
  • Look File Name
  • Color Temperature
  • Tint Variable
  • Exposure Index
  • Sensor FPS List
  • Sensor FPS
  • Shutter Angle List
  • Shutter Angle
  • Exposure Time List
  • Exposure Time
  • Exposure Index List
  • ND Filter List
  • ND Filter
  • White Balance List
  • Media Status
  • Recording Mode
  • Clip Scene
  • Clip Take
  • Medium Type
  • Model Name
  • Serial Number
  • Clip Count
  • Current Reel
  • Medium Size
  • Medium Status
  • Write Protection
  • Clip Count
  • Current Reel
  • Free Capacity
  • Clip File Name
  • Clip UUID
  • Clip Project Rate
  • Clip Start TC
  • Clip Duration TC

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