Virtual Production Director Asa Bailey Shoots New Global Campaign

Virtual Production Director Asa Bailey Shoots New Global Campaign

During this year of lock-down, OSF Founder and Virtual Production Director Asa Bailey directed a global TV campaign for the GSK brand Voltarol. Using remote virtual production technology, Bailey led his Spanish VP crew in Madrid; with Bailey directing from his own virtual production studio in Wales.

This is not a first for Bailey, since 2018 the British film and commercials director has been working exclusively in virtual production. Having clocked up over 200 days on virtual sets, often opting to light and operate himself, as well as oversee the building of the VP systems, Bailey is regarded as one of the most experienced directors and cinematographers working in virtual production today.

Voltarol Global Campaign
Commission: Hogarth London for GSK.
Director:  Asa Bailey

A Covid Safe Production


With a tight crew, covid-safe policy in place, the crew was able to reduce it’s size to a minimum with the creative agency and clients all connecting over VPN. With real-time compositing happening there on-set, the composite VFX shots were sent immediately to the agency back in London. Given a clean-up, combined with animation elements, given a good mix and grade, the overall efficiency of remote virtual production became apparent to everyone.


Virtual Production Behind the Scenes





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