VP Hire

VP solution hire

Hire virtual production and real-time VFX solutions for creating content in real-time


What it is

  • Hire on-set solutions for virtual production, VFX pre-vis and LED in-camera VFX 
  • On-Set lens encoding service for all professional lenses
  • Time-coded camera tracking data export with lens distortion maps
  • 4K 10bit 422 on-set composite and recording, for immediate review
  • Solutions for shooting VP on Green screen, LED, and outside on-location
  • Ncam hire, VFX camera tracking with fully trained AC/ Ncam operators
  • GODBOX computer hire for Unreal Engine Ndisplay and Unity VP pipelines
  • Tracking Truck, mobile 4×4 on-location Ncam and GODBOX VP solution
  • Available with OSF in-house trained virtual production crew

VP Sales

Arri Logo

VP studio solution sales

Virtual production solution design sales and support for virtual production studios

What it is

  • Worldwide official resellers of  GODBOX, ARRI, Ncam and Vicon VP solutions
  • Integration for Unreal Engine, Unity, and Disguise VP pipelines
  • NVIDIA Omniverse Desktop and Nucleus server solutions
  • On-prem HPC compute for real-time collaboration
  • Remote product specialist and technical support