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Sequencer Set-up in Nvidia Omniverse

Omniverse Bedroom Environment

NVIDIA Omniverse is the multi-GPU, real-time, collaboration development platform for 3D simulation and design. Today we’re going to focus on the Omniverse Create application and the Sequencer rendering pipeline within it.

(The extensions referenced in this article are used within Create but are supported across all Nvidia Omniverse applications)


Omniverse Sequencer Extension

Nvidia Omniverse offers the environment to create, design and collaborate through the likes of Create, Kit and Machima. Although the further community offer the “extensions” which really bring Omniverse to life. One of these extensions is “Sequencer” a window that allows users to edit, organize and adjust desired actors within a timeline, whether the actors are it’s lighting fixtures, animated characters or camera tracks. The sequencer extension will feel incredibly familiar to any Unreal Engine users crossing over as it almost works identically. The Omniverse sequencer doesn’t just allow users to easily animate a scene it also provides the ability to “Movie render” out of Omniverse with both Ray-Traced or Path-Traced graphics.

NVIDIA Omniverse Machinima Now Available | NVIDIA Technical Blog

Understanding the Sequencer Tab

Below is a labelled version of the Omniverse tab interface, explaining the purpose of each individual feature:

Omniverse Sequencer Tab

Number ID




Sequencer Camera View

Toggle use of sequencer camera in viewport


Frames Play Rate

Change play rate of timeline


Asset Track

Bring assets from scene or content browser into sequence


Shot Track

Track for camera actors to be added to and key framed.


Current Frame

Shows user the current selected frame


Play Back Control

Allows users to play, pause and skip through timeline


Add Track

Add a shot, asset or audio track to sequence


Asset Animation

The animation applied to asset and the timing it plays within the sequence


Camera Animation

The duration of the camera viewport and animation


Sequence Timeline

Shows the active timeline in frames / Seconds


Stream audio

Play through sequence only recording audio to a file


Movie recorder

Render sequence to a standard movie file format


Utilities menu

Various menu and tool settings


End frame

End of Sequence


Start frame

Start of Sequence


Timeline Scrubber

Scrub through sequence

See the Official Omniverse documentation for Sequencer here

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