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Miniature Green Screen for Developing Virtual Production

#d Photoreal Enviroment

Calling all would be virtual production pipeline developers out there, just to say you don’t need a big studio or even a big green screen to work on your VP compositing pipelines. Remembering where we came from, 5 years ago we started OSF with essentially a PC, a cut-off off roll of chroma green paper, and a lamp, and we set up our first VP pipeline in our front room. Today we develop pipelines for some of the worlds top Directors, VFX studios and content studios, if we can do it, so can you. So what are you waiting for, go grab something green, or blue.

Even today, we often start off designing very large solutions – working on much smaller prototypes first.

These set ups are far from production perfect, but when we are designing pipelines and developing GODBOX solutions, surprisingly, we don’t look too closely at how things look quality wise, not at first. as that comes later. What we start with is looking more at the ways we can juggle the integrations of software and the hardware to optimise the processes, reduce system latency and understand what types of data we are dealing with, and to measure the live real-time data coming in to our computers. As it is this, rigorous pipeline design phase that enables us to then come up with our reliable, higher quality, on-set virtual production solutions.

Miniature Green Screen for Virtual Production

Once the pipeline is up, we can then start looking at things through the eyes of an artist and get these colours, tones and the chroma right, as you’ll see these set up have their ‘quality’ limitations and to make anything really good looking, you will want to craft the lighting. But that’s for another post about how to make things look great, what we want to say here is – don’t let not having your own studio hold you back, if you want to work in virtual production, get some green, matt is better, material or even a short role of colorama, off ebay.

Real-time compositing pipeline

Real-time compositing pipeline

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