Tools for Creating Digital Humans

by | 1 Jul 2019

To create the a digital human you need to have every aspect of the character as real as possible and this requires several software’s to archive the best quality. Every part of the human should trick people into thinking its real that’s everything from the eyes to the clothes, and there’s a software for each.


DAZ 3D which is optimised for creating humans and is totally free. DAZ 3D provides a range of powerful morphing capabilities which enables you to get the perfect body shape for your digital human. DAZ will also deliver incredible detail when it comes to mouth, teeth, hands, feet, chest and neck textures bringing your character more to life.

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For your digital humans clothing your going to need a specialist software for that too. This software is essential if you want the realist clothing movements and textures. CLO 3D offers Modular design and 3D real-time simulations to speed up your workflow. The software also takes in a array of data from the real fabric and from such data figures out the resistance, bend, thickness and weight which is all used to simulate movement and aesthetics of the piece on a model. (the software also offers many more features but these are most relevant to our digital humans)

Maya LT

Maya LT is the game engine optimised version of Maya which will provide 99% of the tools needed for less. The models from DAZE 3D and CLO then have to be exported into Maya where your able to do more modelling and possibly some clean up before creating light maps and exporting once again into Unreal Engine. (You would also do any desired animation within Maya before exporting although its also possible to do this in Unreal Engine with the use of Livelink) The reason Maya LT is used as a “middle man” software is due to its support for Unreal Engine and direct export features, the other two software’s don’t have support for the Unreal Engine unlike Maya LT.

Unreal Engine

To finish you would export your digital human to Unreal Engine and finish any last details there with its realtime renders and Ray tracing lighting to provide the quickest finish for your digital human. Unreal Engine would also be the place you put your set and create your cinematic of the new virtual character.

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