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Virtual Studio Design

ROE Black Marble LED

Virtual sets, stages and studios

We provide turn-key stage design, set-up and installation for your production needs.

ROE Magic Cube LED

LED stages

We provide LED stage set-up and design for hire and sale depending on your production or sound stage needs.

Real-time Compositing

Green and blue screen

we offer full design, management and set-up of chroma stages in a varierty of methods from fabric to sold structures.


Lighting fixtures

We will provide your stages with full lighting structures to perfectly light your talent and scenes.


Design set-up and support

ARRI Certified Systems Partners, we cater for all aspects of soundstage and studio design and build.

Virtual set design

We work with leading VFX vendors to bring virtual sets to life, using a combination of green and blue screen, LED and dynamic lighting fixtures.

Creative collaboration

Working with your creative team we bring virtual production knowledge to every stage of your production from pre production to post.

International capabilities

With teams and partners globally we can support you internationally from anywhere in the world.

Delivery at scale

We’re supported by a network of partners and specialists that enable your productions and studios at scale. 

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