On-Set Support

Virtual production support

Virtual production crews are at the leading edge of film and media production, but they’re often left searching for virtual production technical support. What they need is a dedicated virtual production technical resource that can be called on anytime to provide virtual production and OEM product support, anywhere in the world.

OSF On-Set Support™ offers direct access to both OSF and OEM virtual production technical support teams, to provide virtual production crews with a dedicated, around the clock, easy to access resource for setting up, configuring, integrating and tuning virtual production systems.

On-Set Support™ provides 3 levels of support for all SLA customers. This ensures that virtual production crews have access to certified virtual production engineers, developers and technicians 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

All support customers have access to all 3 levels of support

Godbox desktop super computers

Level 1 support

Essential Support™

Support is provided by our certified VP engineering team via email or phone and video call to identify and hot fix a system problem.

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Arri Signature Prime

Level 2 support

Remote Support™

Remote product virtual production specialist support from our HQ to your system. Our engineers actively assist your production.

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Level 3 support

Production On-Set Support™

Production specific support and VP crew on-set for productions or development, testing, system maintenance / repair bug fixing.

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On-Set Support™ Partners

Access the best product support in the industry

Unreal Engine
Arri Systems Group

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