Unreal Engine On-set Crew Rates For Realtime Production

Unreal Engine On-set Crew Rates For Realtime Production

If you needed proof that realtime production is the future of 3D creation you need look no further than this report from Epic games. Realtime production is in high demand in many areas with a specific rise in the demand for skills in computer-assisted design, digital content creation, rendering, virtual and augmented reality, game engines, visualisation, 3D sculpting, industrial design, and film and video.

On-set things are just the same with realtime production skills in high demand for VR, realtime animation, virtual production and immersive productions. Take a look at these average crew rates for on-set crew members working in realtime production:

Realtime Production Crew Rates



Film / TV













Motion Control



Model Animator






Commercial crew rates for realtime virtual production are on par with those in commercials (APA) and TV and Film production (BECTU) but with a shortage of crew with hands on realtime production experience, those that have can charge a premium or find themselves rolling from one job to the next.

These skills are in high demand in five identified industries, Construction and architecture, Design and media, Engineering, Information technology, Manufacturing and production. What you will also notice is that the best paid jobs are going to those with skills in Unreal Engine over any other software. 


According to Epic Games Unreal Engine is the most important thing you can have on your resume. Its the fastest growing game engine in the market with jobs forecasted to go up by 122% in the next 10 years which is almost double that of their completion.

Unreal for Engineers 

With Unreal Engine leaking into every industry from automotive to robotics its not soon until everyone will have to have a brief understanding of the engine. Engineer’s will be hit by this new way of design and work, with the need of programming (or blueprints) increasing immensely. 

The New Wave of Realtime Computers

The 3D industry is getting ready for a new wave of production and rendering to support this increase in demand for Unreal talent. Recently OSF and Nvidia both released their own realtime machines which are optimised to cater to realtime needs. Unlike the old render machines which took hours to do seconds of virtual footage, that footage can now be done in just seconds.

Unreal Engine’s Last Hurdle 

The only feature of 3D design which isn’t currently in the engine is modelling and asset creation. Modelling is normally done within Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya, ect at the moment but with Unreal Engines rapid growth its only a matter of time until its developed to provide modelling tools internally. 

3D VR/AR Design Development Jobs at OSF

3D VR/AR Design Development Jobs at OSF

Due to the expansion of our UK Studio, OSF is looking for freelance and permanent team members to join our UK team.

On Set Facilities (OSF) is a virtual production consultancy, reseller and production service company working in Virtual Production for 2D 3D VR/AR, with clients in TV, Film, Games, Entertainment, Advertising, Architecture, Automotive and Manufacturing.

Game Development Jobs

3D Generalists jobs.

Jobs with On-Set Facilities

With our UK offices in the Snowdonia National Park North Wales, and our Madrid, and Mexico City offices, On-Set Facilities offers a unique opportunity to combine high living standards with a leisure lifestyle, travel and working on projects using the latest technologies, for some of the worlds best brands, franchises, and clients. We are looking for people with a minimum of 3 years experience in the following areas:

  • Concept Artists
  • 3D Generalists
  • Archviz Artists
  • VR/AR Programmers
  • VR/AR Designers
  • Post Production Generalists
  • Virtual Set Designers
  • Virtual Production Engineers
  • Onset Supervisors VFX / Motion Capture
  • Unreal Engine / C++ / BP Developers
  • Server and Network Administrators
  • PC System Builders

Specialist Skills.

We are especially looking for designers of virtual sets using Brainstorm Infinity Set, artists working in Octane Render, C4D, as well as on-set virtual production engineers with experience of working with Mo-Sys Startracker, as well other camera tracking solutions. Also, Engineers with experience of optical data transfer, SDI protocols, disk data recording, genlock tools, knowledge of network latency optimisation, chroma hardware, lighting and on-set camera engineering.


Virtual production jobs

We are also keen to expand our own system building capabilities, so we’d love to hear from people with experience of building custom PCs. Our virtual production workstations combine multiple GPUs and live video I/O technologies to drive realtime VFX and on-set virtual production. Our clients demand a broad range of solutions and we are looking for PC system builders who have the experience to specify workstations to customer requirements for live broadcasting, video production, VR/AR deployment and live events.

What we offer to our people.

Working with OSF, we offer flexible working hours, remote working and remote management for both full time, part time and freelance workers.

Grab your passport.

As an on-set company, OSF works on sets and stages worldwide, we offer our team members the chance to travel and work on sets abroad. Please make sure you have a valid passport, clear criminal record and ideally a full valid driving licence.

Experience and Qualifications.

We are looking for industry experience and your ability to demonstrate what you are capable of in practice, be it writing code or pushing pixels or solving problems. You will need to demonstrate your skills in practice by submitting your showreel and or links to your work.

We may also set you a short competency test based on the role you are applying for. Work hard, play hard is our motto, it’s why we opened our company in Snowdonia the UK’s capital of outdoor adventure and ranked one of Lonely Planets most spectacular areas visit.

How to Apply for jobs at OSF.

Please email your CV with a covering email including links to your work. We promise to get back to all who apply, but please give us some time to process and consider your applications. Send you application to ruben(at)onsetfacilities.com [No agencies, direct applications only please].