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Building Virtual Camera Rigs with Vicon Mo-Cap

Asa Bailey Vcam

Shooting fully virtual, in-engine is one of the most liberating ways to shoot. Instead of the usual metal seen on any other shoot, there’s no real camera. We use a tethered simul-cam or virtual camera rig, built using an ATOMOS for both view-finder and as an onboard recorder. When we see the shot we want we simply press record on the camera’s recorder and we capture the shot, in real-time. Thanks to the way the GODBOX Real-time Ready architecture works, there’s almost no delay between the virtual camera rig’s operator moves and what’s recorded on the drive. Optical motion capture technology is not cheep, it’s certainly a professional mo-cap solution including all the Vicon cameras (6 VARO 2) a set of passive / active markers and the VICON Shogun software.

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