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OSF Acquires PC Builder

PC Builder Acquired by On-Set Facilities

Leading virtual production consultancy and the developers of the GODBOX® real-time computer platform, On-Set Facilities (OSF) announce their acquisition of ‘PC Builder’ to meet the growing demand for the companies GODBOX real-time computers in the UK and across Europe.

On-Set Facilities acquire

  • PC Builder will be the first official GODBOX® retailer in the UK.
  • PC Builder was acquired by OSF in December 2021.
  • OSF are developing a global GODBOX® brand website and marketing to support retailers.
  • OSF partners in the USA will continue to supply GODBOX computers to US customers.

Starting with PC Builder in the UK, GODBOX® computers are to be made available in more retail stores worldwide, enterprise VARs, and industry channel partners. GODBOX® real-time computers currently power virtual production studios and real-time VFX facilities in Latin America, USA and Europe; that produce content for the likes of Netflix, Disney, and Amazon, as well as an increasing number of brands and advertisers.

The GODBOX real-time computer specification was developed by OSF to provide low-latency, high-throughput, local compute for real-time virtual production, collaboration and real-time 3D visualisation and VFX. Unity technologies and the ARRI Solutions Group already verified and sell GODBOX® computers worldwide.

OSF have now acquired the UK PC Builder business to bring GODBOX® computers to UK and European computer retail markets.

OSF will continue to develop the GODBOX® real-time computer systems at the companies R&D Lab in North Wales. GODBOX® computer specifications will then be built in the UK and Europe by PC Builder and made available to order at

The web site plugs in to one of the UK’s largest computer manufacturing businesses, that has the capacity to produce thousands of GODBOX® computers every month.

The move also enables OSF to expand GODBOX® to all areas of compute, from developing the GODBOX® VR Ready PC range through to GODBOX® HPC Solutions.

Joining the NVIDIA Partner Network in 2021, today the OSF team has access to the latest tech hardware, software, and advanced AI developments. The OSF team are currently developing GODBOX® workstations and servers, due for release mid 2022 that use the latest technologies from all the major component makers, (DDR5, PCIe5 etc).

GODBOX® users can take advantage of the latest technologies, from the likes of AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA.

The development of the GODBOX® Real-Time Computer Platform received R&D funding and support from the Welsh Government in March 2020, and it was then verified by real-time engine developers Unity in 2021. In December 2021 OSF joined the NVIDIA Inception Program. NVIDIA Inception helps start-ups during critical stages of product development, prototyping and deployment.

GODBOX® computers can be currently found powering real-time virtual production studios, creative agencies, architects and VFX houses. This move enables OSF to focus on GODBOX® innovation and scale the GODBOX® computer business. GODBOX® is a registered trademark and the property of On-Set Facilities.

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On-Set Facilities Joins NVIDIA Inception

GODBOX Metaverse Computers

LONDON—December, 2022—On-Set Facilities today announced it has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data science. On-Set Facilities (OSF) are the developers of GODBOX, a general computer specification that improves the performance of real-time virtual production applications.

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First Look Inside the GODBOX Threadripper Pro Workstation

Threadripper Pro

GODBOX Pro goes into production, bringing AMD’s Threadripper Pro WRX80 chipset and CPU with NVIDIA’s professional GPUs and accelerated real-time visualization, together in an enterprise level desktop workstation.

It’s been a journey that started in 2016 when On-Set Facilities (OSF) took their first PCs on to virtual production sets. What started out as a mega gamming rig, built by OSF to power Unreal Engine on-set, is now a complete power edge computing solution, one that provides artists and developers with the power to develop full-spectrum real-time virtual production pipelines, on the desktop, in the studio and on-set. From powering in-camera VFX on LED to designing products and building in real-time in Omniverse or designing 3D applications for AR/VR in Unity, the new GODBOX Pro is the worlds first real-time engine verified professional workstation.

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GODBOX goes on sale on

GODBOX Unity Home Page

Unity Technologies add’s GODBOX computers to Unity verified solutions and pull OSF, the Welsh computer company, under its big-tech wing.

OSF low latency computing technology, including the GODBOX workstation, servers and real-time cloud production solutions, are all set to serve as the Unity real-time computing platform. Real-time production is seeing a huge uptake in many industries as companies look to empower remote workforces and move to more efficient, greener, and better ways to work. Sales show real-time production is seeing multi-industry adoption, with media and entertainment, architecture, design, manufacturing and medical applications taking the lead.

More news to come from OSF and Unity.

An official press statement will be made in the coming weeks, but for those of you close to the OSF fire, you can take a look at the OSF solutions page, at that went live today.

Our Unity day deserves a mark in our company history.

The OSF GODBOX low latency real-time computing platform is now LIVE on the Unity official web site. Not only that, the GODBOX is the first ever computer platform to be officially awarded verification by Unity Technologies. As Unity Verified Solution Partners OSF who manufacture GODBOX computers in the UK and USA, joins the likes of SONY, HOUDINI and Vrjo. You can see all the Unity verified solution partners at the Unity Verified Solutions Partner page.